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~ How do we escape, yet live our lives? ~ Chapter 8 ~ Rough Diamond ~

How do we escape, yet live our lives?



Author: Spudacus
Chaptered Fic ~ Chapter 8 Of 20 ~

Rating: NC17/18(sexual content & language)
Pairings: JaeHo/YoonJae, YooSu, ChangTa/KeiMin, MIN7EN, Min/Siwon, Min/Heechul and Siwon/Heechul also Others Possibly.
Everything, Love, life, romance, lust, sex, violence, light drug addiction, like a drama I suppose.
omg I don’t know what to say really! :D , this is basically about the boys and their lives etc and their problems and all that, a bit like a drama/soap! :D

Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, nor do they know I am writing this and I wish I did own them Hahaha lol *dirty/naughty mind takes over lol*


I hope you all like this, I’m quite excited about it! :D please tell me what you think! :D thank you! :D ENJOY!


~ Prologue ~
~ Chapter 1 ~

  ~ Chapter 2 ~

  ~ Chapter 3 ~ THE LOSS OF ME ~

  ~ Chapter 4 ~ Meetings ~

  ~ Chapter 5 ~ Tea Stains ~

  ~ Chapter 6 ~ Love In The Ice ~

~ Chapter 7 ~ Torn ~ Part 1 ~
~ Chapter 7 ~ Torn ~ Part 2 ~

~ Chapter 8 ~ Rough Diamond ~

  ~ Chapter 9 ~ Wild Child ~

 ~ Chapter 10 ~ The Truth Will Out ~
 ~ Chapter 11 ~ Picking Up The Pieces ~

 ~ Chapter 12 ~ Fallen Angel ~

 ~ Chapter 13 ~ The Power Of Love ~

 ~ Chapter 14 ~ Together ~

 ~ Chapter 15 ~ 인사 (Insa) ~

 ~ Chapter 16 ~ 안녕 (Annyong)~

 ~ Chapter 17 ~ Lost ~

 ~ Chapter 18 ~ Found ~

 ~ Chapter 19 ~ Cherry Blossoms ~

 ~ Chapter 20 ~ Hope For The Future ~ 


~ Chapter 8 ~ Rough Diamond ~




The building in which Jaejoong was escorted to, looked as if it had been plucked out of old prostitute’s drug fuelled, blackened mind. The once white plastered exterior of the two-story block was chipped and peeling off, like a snake that just shed its skin. There was an overall feeling of old drabness about the place and random noises, mostly of the sexual nature could be clearly heard as they approached.   


Jaejoong pushed open the first door he came to, the smell of old used condoms, booze and various forms of cigarettes filled his delicate nostrils, they felt like they were on fire. The noises were clearer now, young men and boys laughing, screaming, crying, whipping, pulling, eating, sucking and fucking each other and other men for money, some were clearly enjoying it, some were silent, lying there like rag dolls to be used and abused. Jaejoong saw them all, all different kinds as he was led down a corridor and upstairs, past more rooms being occupied and most doors were open.


Jaejoong was taken into a new and stylish room, clearly money had been spent on the place, Jun-Ki said he would look after him, if this is where Jaejoong was going to be, then he would have him be comfortable and safe. Next door was where the guards of the place stayed and they were given orders to check up on Jaejoong every so often.


He was given a briefing of how the place worked and given a mini-tour. The odour in his room was of sweet strawberries and cream with a hint of vanilla. Scented candles littered the room and the covers were of the purest velvet, the colours a varying array of reds and creams. He somehow felt comfortable there, in that room.


One day soon after moving in, there was his first visitor, a businessman, a married wealthy businessman, looking for pleasures of the forbidden flesh and not caring how much he paid for it either. The man was much bigger and stronger than Jaejoong yet seemed quite gentle towards the young man before him. Jaejoong opened the door to the man in nothing but a long off the shoulder top which barely covered his bits and his arse. He smiled and let the man in he then undressed the man a little and then the man motioned to the ‘tingle’ lube and condoms sitting on the side table. The man was clearly taken by Jaejoong’s captivatingly deadly beauty; Jaejoong could see it in the man’s eyes. “My god you are beautiful… are…are you sure you are a man? You are like a diamond, no a rough diamond” the man breathed out to Jaejoong as the young man moved closer. 


The man took Jaejoong roughly and started to suck his cock fiercely, making Jaejoong moan a little each time the man’s tongue grazed his helmet. The man then laid Jaejoong down on the bed and slipped on the condom, he seemed to be in a hurry, Jaejoong had noted and then quickly lubed them both up, while he was doing this his lips were busy ravishing Jaejoong’s delicate and pure porcelain skin. Jaejoong had had sex before, he was no stranger to it, just not for money, though everytime he did have sex it was tight and it hurt like hell new each time. So he gasped and drew in a sharp intake of air as he felt the man’s sizable cock filling him. He then remembered some of the advice he was given, so he just laid back and just closed his eyes, let his body go and respond by itself, but otherwise he was dead to the world.


The man started off slowly rocking into Jaejoong’s tight arse making the boy moan and groan out loudly even more so as the man’s pace increased and he was banging Jaejoong like there was no tomorrow, until he was about to cum, then he quickly pulled out and then ran off towards the lavish en suite bathroom while dumping the condom in the bin on the way there. Leaving Jaejoong breathing heavily and holding his head to try to gain some composure to his mind; which was racing. The man returned and they got dressed and the man paid Jaejoong in cash and gave double in tips because he thought Jaejoong was a beautiful but rough diamond. This boy was special.


That customer became just one of a handful of faces who had become regulars to call upon Jaejoong and his ‘services’, soon enough Jaejoong was dubbed the ‘rough diamond’ of the building, Jaejoong never thought that he would make friends and enemies, there, in that little community, but nonetheless he did. He soon became the top earner and many of the boys looked up to him.   


He needed to get away form this place and let go somewhere, he could only think of his favourite club, he hadn’t been there for a while, he got ready and he was out of the door I na flash before anyone could or would even try to stop him. 


The lights were pumping and jumping; the music was booming and pumping even more than the lights were. All of this kept the clubbers dancing dirtily along to the dirty sexy music, everything and everyone was sexually charged by the hot and heavy combination of music, flashing lights, drink and dancing by another sweat ridden body.


Jaejoong turned his head and looked up to where a congregation of people were chanting and watching a hot young man, who had climbed up onto one of the poled platforms. This young man instantly melted the ice that was Jaejoong’s heart, this boy was tall, handsome, strong, he dripped sex, and pure love was in his eyes and in the way that he moved, his long slim face and wicked hot style made the whole package even more inviting to Jaejoong and his cock instantly hardened.


This guy wore tight figure hugging light blue and white jeans, he had a tight low cut white t-shirt with a smattering of various blues across it and he had a medium brown short jacket on. He had got up there and danced along to the music, his smile was intoxicating Jaejoong as he stood there and couldn’t look away from this boy who had caught his eyes and his heart. Jaejoong stared and wanted to get fucked by this young man that he saw who was now moving along to the deep pumping bass of the music, so fast and accurate were his moves.


Yunho didn’t even know how or why he had climbed up onto the mini stage with a pole on but he felt like it, his dancing skills which he trained so hard and so long on would finally pay off. He danced along to the music and his heart skipped a beat when he caught the eye of a dark a sexy stranger staring at him, they locked eyes for a time until Yunho did a twirl with his arms up, his mouth went dry and he felt himself getting harder. This boy he saw had penetrated something deep inside of him and awoke his feelings, his ability to feel for another had burst into life and it felt to Yunho like his heart would explode with the severe needing he felt for this dark, large eyed stranger. He had to do something, so he smiled his blinding smile and he moved to the pole, he poked his tongue out and grabbed the pole high up, he wrapped his long and strong legs around the cold metal that fitted perfectly into his hands he then slid down it and spun as he did so.


Everyone were screaming and cheering, crying ad shouting some were clapping and chanting for him to do more and some for him to strip even. Yunho recovered from the spin and stood anew, the mysteriously hypnotising boy was still watching him but moved around to get closer and a better look of Yunho, his mind raced even more so as he watched Jaejoong slinking sexily around the crown and expertly slid his way to the front of the cheering clubbers.


Yunho gyrated around the pole and took off his jacket as sexily as he could, he then lifted off his t-shirt as his hips were moving side to side and he was smiling brightly to everyone, but he had a little twinkle in his eyes when he looked at Jaejoong who had also removed his red and white leather jacket he put it onto the platform by Yunho’s one. Yunho was practically having sex with the pole and Jaejoong couldn’t help but to feel jealous of a metal rod, he so wanted to be that pole right now, so he finished his drink and felt bold enough to get up there with Yunho.


He tapped Yunho on his shoulder and when the other turned around he smiled to Yunho and pulled a little at his top to indicate the need and want of it to be removed, Yunho connected the dots and realised that he was being told not asked to take off this sexy boy’s red and white speckled t-shirt. Yunho obliged and leant forward and down, he took the young mans top in his strong big hands and he lifted slowly but surely and he got instantly hard once he saw the newly revealed pale flesh, he couldn’t help but to feel and play with this body he had been presented with, he fingered Jaejoong’s nipple and naval piercings.


He didn’t have long however as Jaejoong put his hands onto Yunho s body and he felt him up too, then he pushed forward and held tight onto the taller boy’s body, their hot sweaty bodies were almost stuck together, as they moved in perfect unison up there along to the music, they grinded and grabbed, squeezed and teased each other and the crowd by doing such things.


They danced along to the music for god knows how long, changing their positions frequently. Jaejoong grinded his hard bulge against Yunho’s own bulge which drew out a moan from the taller but younger boy, Jaejoong smiled into Yunho’s neck which soon turned into a moan as Yunho had found with his hands a sensitive point on Jaejoong's back and he poked and clawed at it with much pleasure. Their hips moved and swayed together and against each other, they get close and Yunho whispered into Jaejoong’s ear “Hi there! I'm Yunho, Jung Yunho, what is your name, beautiful stranger heh?” Yunho’s breath was hot against Jaejoong’s wet skin soaked by sweat and water random people had thrown on them, “Ahh…I...My name is Jaejoong, Kim Jaejoong, I’m glad we are dancing; you are really very handsome…. Your name sounds familiar…”

“Hehe Ahh that’s because I am the son of the owner of a big company, you may have heard of it, Jung enterprises. Let’s go and get a drink and go someplace quieter?”

“Omg! My father works for your father’s company, I thought I recognised your name, well hmm you were a good dance, so okay then.”


They got dressed again and left the pumping noise of the club behind them and out into the cold night air they walked to an all night food stall on the side of the pavement, they got some seafood soup and some bulgogi, they got some water and two bottles of soju. They sat and talked for a little while, about their lives, their wants, their hopes and dreams for the future, they also spoke of education, they both found out that they had both applied to go to the same college, they were both to be there for the same days and same times, they were on the same courses, well for the most part as some overlapped and others missed, Jaejoong was on the singing and vocal training course, Yunho was on the dancing and singing course but took the evening vocal training course. Their lust growing and growing as the night drew on and their touching got more frequent they moved closer and closer, then when no one was watching, they moved in for a kiss, one stolen deep kiss was all they needed to lose their restraints, they smiled sweetly and a little drunkenly at each other. Night eventually went to sleep and so the early morning crept awake, someone had come to relieve the worker of the food stall, Yunho turned to Jaejoong and asked, “Jaejoong-ah, I’m a little embarrassed to ask this but… would you want to come back to my house with me?”


Jaejoong considered, he had free time and he really liked this boy, but he had made his hard cold and hard even though his heart ad now been melted by Yunho, he wasn’t ready to taint this boy who was still so pure and perfect he didn’t want him to know too much more about himself he felt dirty and ashamed to be beside someone so pure and loving.

“I…I'm sorry Yunho, I can’t today I want to but not today maybe we’ll meet another day, hmmmm, lets get to know each other at college maybe okay?”

Yunho just nodded his head in agreement with both hearts hurting they parted with another kiss and a hug, the warmth and feeling of love from Yunho to Jaejoong nearly overwhelmed Jaejoong and he wanted to stay there and get lost in those arms forever. But he knew that he could never be with Yunho, in any way because he would taint this pure young man with his dirty life and dirty body. Yunho was so happy to have finally found someone who seemed to like him and it was his first time dancing with let alone kissing another boy, his heart may be hurting a little but he was still happy. On his way home he thought of Jaejoong as a rough diamond just waiting to be cut to the right size and shape, to fit his heart, Yunho would be the carver he had decided that then, he would work on him.





~ THE END ~ Rough Diamond ~

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