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~ How do we escape, yet live our lives? ~ Chapter 9 ~ Wild Child ~

How do we escape, yet live our lives?



Author: Spudacus
Chaptered Fic ~ Chapter 9 Of 20 ~

Rating: NC17/18(sexual content & language)
Pairings: JaeHo/YoonJae, YooSu, ChangTa/KeiMin, MIN7EN, Min/Siwon, Min/Heechul and Siwon/Heechul also Others Possibly.
Everything, Love, life, romance, lust, sex, violence, light drug addiction, like a drama I suppose.
omg I don’t know what to say really! :D , this is basically about the boys and their lives etc and their problems and all that, a bit like a drama/soap! :D

Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, nor do they know I am writing this and I wish I did own them Hahaha lol *dirty/naughty mind takes over lol*


I hope you all like this, I’m quite excited about it! :D please tell me what you think! :D thank you! :D ENJOY!


~ Prologue ~
~ Chapter 1 ~

  ~ Chapter 2 ~

  ~ Chapter 3 ~ THE LOSS OF ME ~

  ~ Chapter 4 ~ Meetings ~

  ~ Chapter 5 ~ Tea Stains ~

  ~ Chapter 6 ~ Love In The Ice ~

~ Chapter 7 ~ Torn ~ Part 1 ~
~ Chapter 7 ~ Torn ~ Part 2 ~

~ Chapter 8 ~ Rough Diamond ~

  ~ Chapter 9 ~ Wild Child ~

~ Chapter 10 ~ The Truth Will Out ~

~ Chapter 11 ~ Picking Up The Pieces ~

~ Chapter 12 ~ Fallen Angel ~

~ Chapter 13 ~ The Power Of Love ~

~ Chapter 14 ~ Together ~

~ Chapter 15 ~ 인사 (Insa) ~

~ Chapter 16 ~ 안녕 (Annyong)~

~ Chapter 17 ~ Lost ~

~ Chapter 18 ~ Found ~

~ Chapter 19 ~ Cherry Blossoms ~

~ Chapter 20 ~ Hope For The Future ~





~ Chapter 9 ~ Wild Child ~




Dawn broke with the softness of a newborn’s breathing, gently teasing Changmin awake.


Heechul was still lying there with a nasty smirk upon his face, Changmin couldn’t help but to grimace at the sight and the thought of what he had given up for him. He got up as quietly and as carefully as he could, got dressed and left a note for Heechul to read upon his waking.


He knew the way back to his house as he had done the 10 minute walk to and from the houses often enough. The morning was crisp and bright, Changmin’s thoughts were on what he would do next, he didn’t feel like seeing anyone he knew, he wanted to escape his life, but he still had to live his life, how could he do the both at one time?


His thoughts wandered to ideas of clubs, bars and the like, places where he could become lost and then just be whatever he wanted to be, a sexy boy, a cute boy, a fun boy…. A fuck thing, a rent boy, a ‘quick fuck’ boy, a boy who had a different guy every night, a dirty boy… his thoughts betrayed him and became dark and nasty, ‘like they usually do’, he thought to himself, ‘why so dramatic eh? My mind’, he thought. 


Still, the idea of losing himself in things so mad and utterly over the top, called to him in a new way than before, he had changed, he just wanted to let go, of everything, of may hurt, of any pain, any mistakes. He just wanted to cut away his former self, until all that was left was his oversexed, over abused body and his dirty mind, which only wanted to live off the adrenaline of the club lights, the sweaty hot young males and the booming music.


When he thought of drowning himself in that life, of ‘anything goes’ his mouth curled into an irrepressible smile, he had a new mission in life now and nothing was gonna get in his way, he must now cut away and discard his former self, his former life, his former weaknesses and only rely on what he can get, when he can get it.


He reached his front door, took out his keys and opened the new plastic, double-glazed front door of his house and entered, his parents were still sleeping; he went to his bedroom, stripped off and looked in his wardrobe and at his leather clothes and ‘objects’, he was looking to see what he could wear out to a new club he had heard off where there are a lot of leather lovers and the like.


He pulled out an item of leather – PVC combo underwear, in the shape of boxer-briefs, they had leather stings to tie up and untie at the front, sides and the back, he found himself getting hard, he knew then, that it was the perfect choice and smiled. He tossed it onto his bed, then continued to rifle through the contents of his wardrobe of ‘exotic’ items, he let out a little exclamation ‘aha’ when he had discovered something which had become a little too tight in certain areas he had previously though before today, but now it wasn’t tight enough; it was a leather – PVC combo vest, with a few strips of fishnet material showing off his tight and slender body to the dirty, lecherous world. Now he decided that he needed some accessories, so he went off and got his ‘other accessories’ box, he peered inside of the blue striped box, eventually tipping it all out onto his bed by his underwear/shorts. He found a spiky collar with a chain hanging from it and a few gothic/grungy rings and some arm bands of a similar nature, he would wear them all he decided, even the clip on earrings and fake studs. His look was complete; he then put it all into a bag and put it in a corner of his pristine room, awaiting the usage the night would eventually bring.      


He went to bed and slept in late, woke up, then went downstairs wearing his pyjamas and had breakfast, he then retired back to his room ,to do some shopping online, for all sorts of things and do some homework. He showered and took out his clothes and accessories form the brown canvas bag resting lightly on the floor; he placed the contents on his bed in an orderly fashion and then begun to get dressed for his big night out, there was a certain amount of ceremony about his actions. When he had finished getting dressed, he put on his ankle length dark brown and black leather coat, he went downstairs and grabbed his black boots and popped his head in the front room, to inform his parents that he will be going out soon and not to wait up for him to return and that he will see them later. He went back to his room, went to a royal blue box on his desk and stood in front of the mirror above; he then opened the box and inside was make-up and ‘bits and bobs’ and ‘odds and ends’, he took out the eyeliner and mascara, he applied them to his face and also some other powders were used to make his already prominent cheeks stand out even more, he looked like a Goth/punk/fetish boy, but he also looked very cool but not over the top, just subtle and just right for him, he spiked his hair up and out and then put everything away, he was ready to go. Next thing he was standing in the queue for this leather and PVC club, he could almost taste the sexual energies.    


When he finally got inside, he made a bee line for the cloak room to hang up his clinging coat, when he slipped it of, many people looked at him, they looked him up and down, around and round, like never before, Changmin liked these happenings, they made him feel good, even though some people were even more scantily clad, he still drew a lot of attention.


He went to the bar and ordered a drink, stayed by the bar for a while until the music became more listenable to his delicate ears, they craved for some classical, rock, pop, fantasy fusion of music he so loved… and this club delivered it and it did it well. he left the bar after downing a few more drinks; he went onto the crowded dance floor and started dancing with whoever was near to him, he felt more alive than he had ever felt before, the music was taking over his body, mind and soul, it was like he had been drugged, he turned into a demon on the dance floor, flirting with everything with or even without a pulse.


A cute young man, a similar age to Changmin moved in on him as the night drew on and people got madder and more intoxicated, people were making out in the dimly but interestingly and colourfully lit club, they were kissing, hugging, holding, even fingering and all sorts going on as it got later and later, though no one really cared. Changmin didn’t care that he had been groped, caressed and randomly kissed by all manner of people, but this guy seemed different, he wanted something more, there was a look in his eyes, he was hungry for Changmin's body and he really looked like he was going to ravish Changmin there on the dance floor, had min not dragged the boy off in the direction of the toilets.


Changmin discovered that this boy was called Keita and that he was Japanese, they were the same age, 18 and Keita was in the mood for some loving. Changmin was too.


They held each other in the cubicle, kissing, snogging deeply and longingly, they caressed each other’s bodies until they couldn’t take anymore; Keita’s hands seemed to love cupping and squeezing Changmin’s tight arse in those skin tight leather-PVC boxer-briefs, the boy was also feeling and rubbing up Changmin’s hard cock under the bursting strings, he quickly untied them and slid his lips over Changmin’s rock like cock, back and forth, making Changmin moan and groan.


Keita stopped and slipped out a condom and handed it to Changmin, who smiled a sweet, sexy, enticing yet somehow dirtily slimy smile, he turned Keita around, kissing him one last time, and bent him over, nearly ripping his tight shorts off the boy, he slipped on the condom and then shoved into the unprepared Keita, who screamed and then started to moan loudly as Changmin’s sizeable cock filled him up and then some; he started to pound into the young man, causing the boy to moan even more loudly and Changmin, in response to this got more and more aggressive, he banged him slow, but deep, then hard and fast, then he just ended up fucking him senseless, Changmin couldn’t stop until he came in the tip of the condom, even then he still carried on holding Keita and still he thrusted into him, deeper and deeper, until Keita had to actually shot at Changmin to stop and that it was really seriously hurting now.


Changmin stopped, pulled out and discarded the soiled condom into the once white toilet behind them. The cubicle and the whole toilet room was a uniformed cream colour, complete with obligatory scuff and ‘other’ marks, which littered the place along with graffiti. They sorted themselves out and then Keita turned around to face Changmin who was feeling awful, for what he had just done, but Keita just smiled to Changmin and kissed him lovingly on the lips, eh said its okay and that he has gotten carried away before anyway, they swapped numbers and then Keita thanked him for a great night and then Keita disappeared out of Changmin’s hectic life, just a easily as he had slipped into it for the past hour.


Changmin went out of the cubicle after pulling the chain and went to one of the many sinks which all sat below large mirrors; turning on the tap, he wiped at his young and prettily fresh face, sighed and then looked into the mirror, searching for anything that would make him feel better, fucking Keita did make him feel better but only for a short while.


He needed to have more; he needed to find something that made him feel different; anything mind-altering he would have it at this moment. He went back out into the dark rhythms and stalked his way through the crowd to the demonic looking bar, he took a triple shot of scotch, now Changmin wasn’t much of a drinker, but he downed it and then ordered a double jack Daniels, he downed that too, then some old perverted looking man cam up to Changmin offering something to be taken with his drink, he stopped Changmin in mid downing of another double of jack Daniels, Changmin was by now anybodies, as he was seriously tipsy, he just nodded and smiled his cute and blinding smile, perfect for the world to see, but no one took any notice.


The man handed Changmin a red-blue mixed pill and ordered the young man another drink, this time a shot of southern comfort, the boy took the pill and then took the drink, knowing at least partially what he was doing, a part of him knew that this was wrong on so many levels, but another part was screaming out that it needed to, he needed to escape form everything and this was the only readily available option at that moment in space.


Soon enough he and that man was outside in some alleyway/corner round the corner from the club, Changmin had noticed that the man was there with a young handsome and very fuckable man, who was gently pushing Changmin against the sodden wall, kissing him and caressing him anywhere and everywhere. The man had since they had got outside and met the man he had a video camera in his hand and was filming this young man seducing Changmin, this guy eventually got Changmin to go down and give him a blow job, Changmin didn’t care anymore, it was fun it was different, a part of him didn’t want this at all, but another part did and that part scared yet lured him. The man started giving Changmin a blow job too, he was caressing Changmin and kissing him all over his young and slim body, and he eventually turned Changmin around and bent him over.


He then pulled at the strings at the back on Changmin’s shorts and then he slipped in his dry cock into Changmin’s tight opening, nearly forcing a scream out of the young man who was surrounding his throbbing and thrusting cock. He started to move in and out of Changmin, causing Changmin to moan loudly to the word in general, it was causing great pain to him as there was no lube and no condom.


The man pulled out of Changmin and then Changmin without thinking much, took the man by the hips and bent him over and then slipped his own cock into him and then started fucking this

guy hard, deep, fast, lube-less and condom-less, the other guy was moaning intently now until Changmin pulled out, tired form all of the night’s events, he tied up his strings and then they were both kissing again and again.


He then stumbled back inside the noisy club and made his way to the toilet as he was feeling sick, he suspected that pill was to blame, unaware he was being followed, when he got in there he found the toilet and sat down by it, holing the lid up and commenced being sick, into the bowl, he was there for a good 3 minutes or so.


The person who had followed him in was there with leather fingerless gloves, a white rock-ish looking t-shirt with tight leather trousers, complete with black boots and chains. He was seriously handsome and smart but sweet and gentle looking to Changmin. The man knelt down and whispered softly into Changmin’s ear, “don’t worry, I will look after you, I have had my eye on you most of the night, don’t worry.” With that the man lifted Changmin up off the dirty floor and wiped at his face with a damp piece of tissue paper, “I’m going to take you back to my house okay, you will be fine there, and you can sleep it off” Changmin who was very slowly recovering from the heavy night, managed to reply to this handsome stranger, “uhhnnnhh okay… th…thank you…who…who are you…. I'm Changmin.” The stranger looked Changmin in the face, smiled and said, “your welcome, I like you ad my name is Choi Don-Wook”.


Changmin liked this man, even in his drunken state, he could still clearly see the concern and the deep tenderness that were held in Don-Wook’s eyes, he liked the name too, so he just smiled and said he liked the name. They went out of the club holding onto each other and they eventually got back to Don-Wook’s flat in central Seoul, got out the taxi and he helped a gradually tiring Changmin into his house, he then decided to pick him up and carry him, wedding style to his own bed. Don-Wook, tuck Changmin in, who was now soundly and softly sleeping, he leant down and kissed Changmin’s forehead softly, then went off to get ready for bed and he stayed in the guest bedroom, ready in case his young charge should need him at all.


Both slept with smiles on their faces.




~ The End ~ Wild Child ~




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