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~ How do we escape, yet live our lives? ~ In Between Time ~ PART 2 ~

How do we escape, yet live our lives?



Author: Spudacus
Chaptered Fic ~ In Between Time ~

Rating: NC17/18(sexual content & language)
Pairings: JaeHo/YoonJae, YooSu, ChangTa/KeiMin, MIN7EN, Min/Siwon, Min/Heechul and Siwon/Heechul also Others Possibly.
Everything, Love, life, romance, lust, sex, violence, light drug addiction, like a drama I suppose.
omg I don’t know what to say really! :D , this is basically about the boys and their lives etc and their problems and all that, a bit like a drama/soap! :D

Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, nor do they know I am writing this and I wish I did own them Hahaha lol *dirty/naughty mind takes over lol*


I hope you all like this, I’m quite excited about it! :D please tell me what you think! :D thank you! :D ENJOY!


~ Prologue ~
~ Chapter 1 ~

   ~ Chapter 2 ~

  ~ Chapter 3 ~ THE LOSS OF ME ~

  ~ Chapter 4 ~ Meetings ~

  ~ Chapter 5 ~ Tea Stains ~

  ~ Chapter 6 ~ Love In The Ice ~

~ Chapter 7 ~ Torn ~ Part 1 ~
~ Chapter 7 ~ Torn ~ Part 2 ~
~ Chapter 8 ~ Rough Diamond ~  
~ Chapter 9 ~ Wild Child ~

  ~ In Between Time ~ 1, 2, 3

~ Chapter 10 ~ The Truth Will Out ~

~ Chapter 11 ~ Picking Up The Pieces ~

~ Chapter 12 ~ Fallen Angel ~

~ Chapter 13 ~ The Power Of Love ~

~ Chapter 14 ~ Together ~

~ Chapter 15 ~ 인사 (Insa) ~

~ Chapter 16 ~ 안녕 (Annyong)~

~ Chapter 17 ~ Lost ~

~ Chapter 18 ~ Found ~

~ Chapter 19 ~ Cherry Blossoms ~

~ Chapter 20 ~ Hope For The Future ~





~ In Between Time ~ PART 2 ~



The day was bright and fresh, Yunho had just returned from his morning jog.


He couldn’t’ wait to see Jaejoong again and to make so many new friends along the way too. he had a quick shower and then got ready for college, his parents were sitting in the kitchen up at the counter eating their breakfast, Yunho sat down and ate his with them, silence hung in the air waiting to be broken, which it would be when they finished eating. Breakfast consisted of, rice, salmon lightly grilled with some herbs with it, miso soup, cucumber Kimchi and green tea.


His father spoke first, when they had all finished their food, while Yunho was washing up the dirty cutlery, his father was firing questions at him, “so when do you finish today? Which subjects are you going to do today? When do you start again? Hmm there may be many pretty girls there, son, try to stay focused on your studies eh!? Hehehe I understand it will be hard, with you being a young man and all, but ahhhh… you don’t need me to tell you anything right! Heh heh, ahh just make sure you do well my boy, we are both so very proud of you Yunho.”


“Ahh dad I finish at 4, I start at 10, I told you like a thousand times Hehehe and don’t worry I’m not interested in a relationship at the moment, but thank you anyway… and thank you, both of you, I am happy to have you both as parents”


“Yunho-yah, I must say that I am happy you are doing something that you want to do, this will make you happy, I can already see that, you are a good student, one of the best ones, I want you, no I need you to do this for me, my son, *cough, cough, cough*, just promise me you will do well at college and then in whatever you do, no matter what, and please know that I will always be proud of you no matter what, as am other I love you without bounds or limits, please remember this for the rest of your life.


“thank you mum, I am glad to hear this form you both, I have to tell you both something when I leave for college today, and I love you both, no matter what.


Yunho gave them a hug and then reminded his mother to look after her health as she seemed to be weaker these days and went and got ready for college, he was just about to leave, when he turned to his parents who were getting ready for work, “I love you both and I respect you both too, *Yunho took a deep breath*, I have to tell you both, that… that, I am.. Gay.”

*Yunho breathed out a sigh of relief at the weight which had been lifted from his shoulders*

“I will see you both later! Bye!”

“Wait! Yunho-yah! Wait” his parents called after him in unison, Yunho turned around, “yes” “we love you still, and we already had suspicions ... Why? Because we are your parent, hehe we know about our children! Have a good day Yunho… and thank you for telling us!”


Yunho smiled and went off to catch the bus, he arrived at the college and as he was running up the stairs, he bumped into a tall young man who was wearing glasses he was a handsome young man, the boy’s books and bag went crashing to the ground, “awww!” “Oh my god! I'm so, so sorry, here let me get them all for you!” Yunho exclaimed as he went around picking up the young man’ books and other objects. Standing up, Yunho handed the items back to the boy, “hi! I'm Yunho, Jung Yunho! Pleased to meet you, what is your name? I’m sorry again!”


The boy took his things back and looked Yunho up and down a couple of times with a quizzical eye, then decided he looked safe enough to talk to, “hello there, its okay, pleased to meet you too Yunho! My name is Changmin, Shim Changmin! How should I address you? I’m 20” “cool, well nice to meet you Changmin, err… hyung, I am 21 so yea, that’s it heh… which course are you doing Changmin?”


“Ahh okay then, its nice to meet you too Yunho-hyung! I am doing the vocal, dancing and media enterprise courses, a lot I know, but I want it all this year you see, ah come one we should get going to the welcome speech”, Changmin smiled, he liked this hyung, he seemed happy and friendly, they continued talking as they went into the building.


The building was set back from the road a bit, with lush grass, trees, benches and flowers covering the outside of the grand old European style college, there were some steps up to the main doors. Te grounds were quite big and there were any things taught at the college, so there were gym and sports facilities for anyone but mostly pupils and the wealthy used them, the grounds had two large gardens, part of each were dedicated to the horticulture classes and the rest of the gardens were done in oriental and European style, each had a centre-piece, both fountains with lights and benches, there were some tables and a couple of bridges and a few lakes, which the students could do their photography, architectural and fish studies, there was even a herb garden for the botanists who also used the gardens. There was also a small chapel inside the main building and  5 shrines dotted around the campus, this was not only a college, but was also a small ish university, but a very good one nonetheless. Inside there were many classrooms of varying sizes and uses, there was a large central hall which held a decadent grouping of modern yet vintage style lights hanging from the ceiling, there was also a stage at the far end and raised walkways running around the side of the great hall.   


‘’’’’’’’’’’…………….’’’’’’’’’’’’’………… At College! ………...’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’…………….’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’………….


Things had all settled down at college by now and Yunho and Jaejoong had been waving and smiling at each other, even winking on Yunho’s part at Jae during class, this put Jae off his work, but they had not actually got round to speaking with each other yet.


It was lunchtime and all of the boys were sitting in the canteen, Yunho was sitting with Changmin, who had invited both Yoochun and Junsu to sit with them, so they could all get to know each other better, Yunho got up immediately and motioned to Jaejoong to come and join them as soon as he saw him with his food, with no other choice Jaejoong joined them.


The conversation moved towards relationships, YooSu stated they are together and that nothing will ever break their love, Changmin simply stated that he hadn’t had a relationship before and he felt safe enough to tell them all that he lost it to his friend, cos he felt sorry for him and he got tricked into it by him, the other boys were so understanding of him and his situation min could cry, if he was the type to cry on a whim, Yunho said a similar thing, he had never had a relationship before, however there was this one boy, who he danced with I na gay bar/club and this boy was beautiful and perfect, and said, turning to Jaejoong, who was quietly eating his food looking down at it, that this boy had stolen his heart and that he hopes to steal that boys heart back someday soon.


This caused Jaejoong to flush bright red, Jaejoong never had anyone say that to him let alone another boy, this boy he liked, but he wasn’t prepared to let Yunho into his heart, not yet anyway. Jaejoong just said that he had one relationship when he was a little younger and the boy broke up with him not too long after, but he was his first relationship and the first time he had sex with anyone, that boy is still in his heart and always would be in there, he said he didn’t and still doesn’t regret sleeping with him that time, he just wished that it had carried on for longer than it did that’s all, “all I ever wanted was to be loved by him, all I ever really wanted was to see him, since I didn’t get to see him very often if at all” Jaejoong said fairly quietly.


Two weeks later of flirting between Yunho and Jaejoong, still nothing was being given back to Yunho from Jaejoong, who played it cool and didn’t seem interested in him at all, so Yunho asked Jaejoong to help him after class and everyone had gone home, Jaejoong agreed to help him, but he wanted Changmin and YooSu there too, secretly thinking that he couldn’t trust himself nor Yunho if they were to be alone together, to Jae’s surprise, Yunho agreed.


Not long after being in the dance studio, Changmin got a call form some mystery person, so he went off to speak to that person, everyone looked puzzled, then about half an hour later Yoochun and Junsu got hungry and Junsu wanted Yoochun’s home cooking, so he whined until Yoochun gave in which was all of 5 minutes, so they bid farewell to Yunho and Jaejoong, then left for home.


Changmin’s phone rang, it said, Choi Don Wook, he had nearly forgotten him. He made his excuses and left the dance studio, he did want to see him again but was a little embarrassed to call him though, he liked him, in just one night, a beautifully leather-PVC clad stranger had whisked him off to his grand house, it was something out of a movie, Changmin was sure of it, but he still wanted to see him and go for a drink and then see what happens afterwards. He answered it, “Yoboseyo! Ah Don Wook hyung, how are you? Ahh right good, what have you been up to? ..... Ahh is it? That’s good, you want to what!? Meet me for lunch, then back to... to yours? ... Yes… yes of course that’s okay, I would love to… I Ahh… I thought about calling you, but I was too embarrassed though, so thank you for making the first move! When? Where? ... Okay then cool see you there then!” 


The date was set; it would be a week Saturday at 1 o’clock by the central fountain at Seoul’s central plaza. Both smiled insanely after the short phone conversation, they walked around for the rest of the day in a good and bright mood.


After all of the other boys had left them alone, Yunho got Jaejoong up against one of the pinewood panelled walls of the dance studio, one hand on the wall by Jae’s head and the other was on Jae’s hip, “Jaejoong-ah, why have you been avoiding me, why have you hardly spoken to me at all, in all this time here, what have I done wrong, I… I like you a lot, please can we try dating”, Jaejoong went a lighter shade of magenta and looked away, he had to swallow hard to get over the lump in his throat at the time, when he did he turned back to Yunho, when he did he found himself excruciatingly close to Yunho’s tight hot and sweaty body, Jaejoong could only stare up into those dark orbs and his heart was lost again and again in that eternal darkness that comforted him.



“I … I can’t and won’t let myself love you Yunho, you are… you are.”

“What? …. Jaejoong, what am I?”

“you are too good for me, you are pure and clean and sweet and innocent but I am dirty, unworthy of any love form you, only from another as dirtied as me, I am broken on the inside, my heart is like stone now, because it has had to be that way, it is best if you find someone else to place your tender loving and care upon”

“I …… I don’t know what to say… I can’t do that, I have to be true to myself and my true self is to be with you, I know it, I will work on you Jaejoong, I will show you my love can melt your heart!”

Before Jaejoong knew it, Yunho had pressed his body flush against Jae’s, both boy’s erections wee rubbing against each other, though light blue cotton track suit bottoms, their clingy white t-shirts showed their bodies were made to fit each other perfectly, Yunho held Jae's arms up against the wall, he took Jae's voluptuous lips in his and suckled on them tenderly, gingerly he slipped in his tongue, it lingered in Jae's mouth playing and caressing his tongue, lips and teeth, Jaejoong, responded on impulse, he returned the kiss, deeply taking Yunho’s soft lips and bruising them with his love and his want to escape deep within Yunho’s loving and caring embrace, he wanted to run away form himself, the ‘him’ he had become.


Yunho managed to pull off Jaejoong's top, Jaejoong was flying on auto-pilot now, he nearly tore off Yunho's top and both were dashed to the ground, they slid down the smooth wall, their hands interlocking and breaking apart, all over each other’s bodies, caressing each others tender skin, pulling gently on their beautiful hair, falling … falling ever deeper into each other.


DOOF!!! The entrance door to the corridor of studios went, someone had entered the complex!

Yunho and Jaejoong separated instantly, pulling their tops back on and getting up to appear normal, should anyone enter. The sound of footsteps drew nearer until they eventually passed by and proceeded to get quieter and quieter. Jaejoong, who was breathing heavily, looked at Yunho, “Yunho, please do not do something like that again … I can’t ... no I don’t want to dirty you, I don’t want to taint you, nor do I think we are right for each other, you are a rich boy and I a poor student, with no family anymore, so to speak.”  


Before Yunho had a chance to object, Jaejoong had already grabbed his leather jacket, which hid his slender frame and was halfway out the door, by the time Yunho had realised what was going on. Yunho just stood there and stared at the door, for what seemed like an eternity, he realised that me may be falling in love with Jaejoong, who says he doesn’t want him, yet his actions contradict that, “but Jae… I … I can’t ever leave you alone, because I … I think I’m falling head over heels in love with you… I … I'm sorry if this is not what you want, please, just can we give ‘us’ a try? That’s all I wanted to say to you.” Yunho realised he was leaning face forward against the door of the studio, he had a few tears, doomed to never be seen nor heard by the one who Yunho so wanted to see them the most, he spoke his true feelings to the cooling room, his loneliness reflected ten times in the numerous mirrors in the room.

~ End of In Between Time PART 2 ~

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