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~ How do we escape, yet live our lives? ~ Chapter 10 ~ The Truth Will Out ~ Part 2 ~

Title: How Do We Escape, Yet Live Our Lives? ~ Chapter 10 ~ Pt 2! ~
Pairings: JaeHo/YooJae, YooSu, ChangTa/KeiMin, Min7en, Min/Siwon, Min/Heechul, Siwon/Heechul, others possibly.
Rating: 18 - (sexual content and language)
Genre: Everything, Love, Life, Romance, lust, sex, violence, drug addiction.
Summary: This is basically about the boys and their lives and all the ups and downs, highs and lows, their problems etc like a soap/drama hehe :D
Disclaimer: I don't own the boys, nor do they know i am writing this, even though i wish i did own them! lol! *dirty mind - drools*



How do we escape, yet live our lives?

Thank you to Mel ~ [info]murderfanta ~ for my Fantastic banner! xxx

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~ Chapter 1 ~

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~ Chapter 10 ~ Pt 2 ~


*beep beep … beep beep* Changmin’s sleek black slim mobile went as it sat on the side of his desk, which he was studying at, he peered over instantly, it was a txt.

A txt from ‘him’, one Choi Don Wook, Changmin had fallen completely in love with him, it had only been a short time, but they fitted so well together, it was odd, but natural somehow everything felt right, Changmin could say he was truly happy then because he was, not just okay, or contented.

It had been almost a week since they had sex, it was amazing, Changmin had never felt so full in his life when he was with Don Wook, he couldn’t stop thinking about him about ‘it’, but he hadn’t heard from him since then…until now.

He grabbed the phone and looked at the txt, it read:

“Heya my Minnie-ah!

How are you baby?

I hope you are well, how has the studying been going then?

I know it’s been a week, I hope you don’t think I was ignoring you or anything,

but I have been sooo bogged down at work and I did not want to disturb you from your studies… I know I’m such a big distraction what with my looks and all and I know it’s hard for you to resist etc…

But! How about dinner tomorrow night, my treat.

What do you think?

See you later my one and only! Hehe

Your Don Wook


Changmin laughed and smiled a wide happy smile at the txt, it was Don Wook’s usual style, so were the long texts, he liked receiving them from his beau.

He set about replying to it:

“Hey there Don Wook-ah, I have been missing you and I could not stop thinking about you and our night, but its okay I am strong enough to look past your blinding beauty, looking past your brains is easy enough with just a tilt of my head… and thank you for being so thoughtful babes, dinner sounds great! You know I love my food! Hehe

See you tomorrow, when and where?


He had barely put the phone back down on the varnished pine wood desk top, his phone beeped again, he picked it up again and read the ensuing txt, it read:

“Hey baby! Hahaha I love your wit!

Anyways… I will come by and pick you up at your house, dress smartly please hehe as in suit ^^ at about 8, okay luv see ya later, gotta go got a boring meeting to attend, but I gotta deal with my massive hard on first, thinking of you! :P xxxx”

Changmin was shocked and a bit turned on; he wished he was sitting on Don Wook’s strong lap…. His mind wandered off and he quickly txt back:

“Ok, see you then”

He got up and rushed to the toilet where he relieved his hard on with a long loud moan of relaxation. He sorted himself out then went back to studying.


8 o’clock arrived and both Yoochun and Junsu were dressed smartly and were looking rather presentable, they pulled up to Junsu’s family home.

Junsu hopped out of the car and gave a worried Yoochun a big and caring kiss before he went off across the road to his house; he knocked on the white door three times and waited…

A woman opened the door; she was fairly tall, slim and pretty. She was demurely dressed in a black and blood red dinner dress, with a red and black shawl about one of her shoulders fastened on her right side, by the collarbone, by a silver dragon broach.

She smiled a bright and warm, happy smile to her son and embraced him lovingly and deeply, it had been a long time since she had seen her talented son.

“My Junsu-ah! Come in come in! Ahh you are looking thin! Have you been eating properly? Where’s this girlfriend of yours then ah!???” she almost dragged him into the house and then the door was shut.

Yoochun sat in the dark listening to some k-pop quietly, waiting for Junsu to come back out, he kept on looking over at the house and at the moving figures through the window, he was growing more and more worried by the second, his nerves did not need this.

“mum, dad, I … I have to tell you something important, please sit down… I don’t have a girlfriend, I never did and never will, what I do have is the best boyfriend ever, yes he is a guy and… yes I am g-gay, I know because of our religion it might be hard for you two to accept and for you to both love me the way you always have done, but please try to understand me and my life. I still and always will love, cherish and respect you both.”

Silence, the silence was so deafening, Junsu felt like his eardrums would break.

“I see” his father stated whilst looking thoughtfully into his swirling tea. “my son… all I can say is that, although I am not happy with this and I will need time to adjust to this news you have brought to us, I still love and respect you for you are still my child, my son, I am, above all else a parent who gives unconditional love and support, I would like to meet this young man still”

Junsu breathed finally after what seemed like an age of holding his breath, they both turned to his mother, looking on expectantly.

She gave a slight sigh and then looked up at her son, he was still a child in her eyes, all snotty nose and dirty, form playing football with his friend, she wiped at the tears which glistened at the corner of her kohl rimmed eyes, she now saw a young man, in love, she could clearly see that in his bright eyes and a smart tidy young man is who now addressed her as ‘mum’, she realised she had not noticed the passing of the years and to her he would always be ‘her little boy’.

“I … I must sort out my make-up” she hurried out of the room and up the stairs and into her dressing room; she perched on the edge of her cushioned seat in front of her 3-way mirror, and reapplied her make-up, differently this time after she had removed it all.

She applied a small amount of foundation, a little golden and peach coloured blusher, red lipstick, and red and black mixed eye shadow, she looked strong and she also looked beautiful, but also deadly, if she was going to meet this boy who had taken her son, she must know that Junsu was in safe hands, she matched perfectly, even with the red strip of hair flowing down gently on the right side of her face, the rest of her hair wrapped up tightly I na smart up-do, the colour was that of the blackest lacquer.

She entered the sitting room and simply stated, “I love you Junsu, you are my son and you always will be, that, as your father said is our priority, however I am not happy and only time will sort things, bring your male friend in please we will be waiting by the table, usual placings”

She walked off into the dining room with a strong air of determination about her, Junsu almost shouted, “thank you mum, dad, I love you both so much you guys are the best!”

He ran out the house and knocked on the window, causing Yoochun to scream wildly, “Aaarrrgggahhhhh!!!!!!! Bloody hell Junsu! What’s up? Omg do we have to go… like now!? Quick tell me tell me!? I need the loo so tell me quickly please!”

Junsu laughed at the desperate look in Yoochun's perfect eyes, “its okay Yoochun, they are not happy about it, but they love me and are parents, first and foremost, they want to meet you, make sure you are okay etc” “ come on lets go quickly!”

“Ahh okay then ahh good good then…”

They went off into the house and Junsu showed Yoochun to the toilet, then they entered the dining room, he politely greeted both of Junsu’s parents and his father showed him his seat, opposite him at the other end of the table.

They said their blessings and they began to eat, conversation started and all went well, with a few sharp questions from Mrs Kim, the whole evening went well, after dinner they went into the front room and there the English wine was opened, they all drank and loosened up, they all had different aspects in common.

Mr and Mrs Kim would not let the boys leave, so they told them to stay in the spare room, it was always prepared anyway, the boys couldn’t ay no really, so they went straight up to bed.

Mr and Mrs Kim changed and then sat down with another glass of wine and watched a k-drama together, curled up on the settee, “darling, I am proud of our boy, he’s done well for himself, and that Yoochun boy is a fine boy indeed he has good taste hehe” “yes me too darling, I am so proud of him, I always will be and he gets his good taste from both of us hehe”


It was 8 o’clock and Changmin was standing out side his front door, a sleek car pulled up and the door seemed to magically open by itself, Changmin got into the car and put on his seat belt, the car then sped off into the alluring night.

They arrived at a post looking restaurant on the western side of Seoul, over looking the sea, the view was spectacular, they sat on the top floor and they both felt like kings of love and romance. Changmin giggled a little when he thought of that.

They were seated quickly and efficiently by the edge, in their own little enclosed space, Don Wook had requested it so they could have as much privacy as possible. He knew Changmin wasn’t that confident to display their affection for one another publicly yet.

The food was as decadent as the surroundings, their little shimmering white silk cloth covered table had two silver candles, as they burned they released a sweet honey and vanilla scent.

They chatted about all sorts of things, anything that drifted into their pretty heads, “Changmin-ah, I have told my family about you, I … they … we all want you to meet them, soon, I hope that is okay for you babe!?”

“Omg you have? Really? Err cool cool, that’s fine Don Wook, if they are even half as good or nice as you, then I’m sure they will be fine then! Hehe”

“Great! Come on you done? Let’s go”

“Yep I’m done, okay”

Don Wook got the bill and paid for it all, then took Changmin by the hand and led him into the toilets, he took Changmin into a large cubicle, “Changmin-ah, I’m sorry I had been ignoring you, and you know, I love you so much baby, I couldn’t see my life with out you, you know that right!?”

“aww hehe thank you Don Wook, its okay babe, I love you too, with all my heart and with all my being, I really do!” they hugged and held each other for what felt like an eternity, they released and Kissed each other passionately, the sexual tension had been building more and more since they had been in the restaurant.

Don Wook, undid Changmin’s belt and let his trousers drop to the floor, he then undid his shirt buttons and undid his own and let his own undone trousers fell to the floor, he wanted him right here, right now, no matter what, Changmin looked at Don Wook’s chest, he had on some leather straps which crossed his chest in a large X, this turned Changmin on no end and he even started to breathe heavier than before.

They kissed more and more and felt skin against skin, Don Wook pulled out a condom and slipped it on along with a packet of lube, he entered Changmin and instantly started to pound the young man, he bent him over and banged him hard and fast, he wanked Changmin’s rock hard cock furiously.

Changmin was moaning and screaming loudly, he was seriously enjoying it all, the experience was incredible and he felt full again, he came all over the place and Don Wook carried on milking him dry, causing the young man to squirm a little but he carried on moaning into the pleasure as he felt Don Wook’s hot white seed fill the condom.

They calmed their breathing and tired up and sorted theirselves out, they made a quick exit form the restaurant and Changmin stayed the night at Don Wook’s house, Don Wook had a lot of leather and PVC items for them to have fun with, Changmin smiled gleefully.

They set about having their ‘fun’.


~ END ~ Chapter 10 ~ The Truth Will Out ~



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