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Spudacus_1 Infinity And Beyond
All The Colours Of Life In The Palm Of My Hand.
~ Tales & Fragments Of A Broken Heart ~ 22nd Sep 2008 
2nd-Feb-2009 07:30 pm

Tales & Fragments Of A Broken Heart.



Author: Spudacus
Short Series – Journal style. – 7 Entries
PG - 18
Yoosu/JunChun JaeHo/YoonJae, MinSu
Random, angst, romance (occasionally)
a short series, of journal/diary like entries, talking about anything really, things that are happening in this persons life, be they good, bad, ugly or funny.


A/N: some of the events and thoughts and feelings in this are based off of me, my friends, things I have read, seen or heard of, so its all a mash up of all things. Btw, not all of it’s me! lol please enjoy, I haven’t tried this style before!



12th   May              2006                      14th  October        2006

14th  February       2007                       20th  September   2007

20th  February       2008                       22nd  September   2008

1st     January         2009


~ Open ~


22nd  September   2008


Today I registered for my university course, I feel positive and upbeat about my future as it extends its long hands out in front of me, comforting me with a certainty and excitement which I have been lacking.


Ah… my dairy, I just don’t know what to do anymore… I still miss him, every day I do and everything reminds me of him always always he is there, somehow, someway… I don’t know if and when I will truly be over him, I just hope and pray that I meet someone at uni, oh how great that would be! Ahh me! Junsu the cute one who seems to be eternally single, would have another bf… hmm well, that remains to be seen I suppose….


What else can I enter today…? Hmm not much except that I will miss my friends Jaejoong, Yunho and Changmin, they are all moving away to different universities to me, so I will have to wait for the holidays before I see them again, though we all have the internet so it could still be good. Hehe


Anyways see you next time!






~ Close ~

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