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Spudacus_1 Infinity And Beyond
All The Colours Of Life In The Palm Of My Hand.
~ Tales & Fragments Of A Broken Heart ~ 1st Jan 2009 
2nd-Feb-2009 07:36 pm

Tales & Fragments Of A Broken Heart.



Author: Spudacus
Short Series – Journal style. – 7 Entries
PG - 18
Yoosu/JunChun JaeHo/YoonJae, MinSu
Random, angst, romance (occasionally)
a short series, of journal/diary like entries, talking about anything really, things that are happening in this persons life, be they good, bad, ugly or funny.


A/N: some of the events and thoughts and feelings in this are based off of me, my friends, things I have read, seen or heard of, so its all a mash up of all things. Btw, not all of it’s me! lol please enjoy, I haven’t tried this style before!



12th   May              2006                     14th  October        2006

14th  February       2007                       20th  September   2007

20th  February       2008                       22nd  September   2008

1st     January         2009



~ Open ~


1st   January   2009


Well, uni is going super well and I have some big news!


Changmin and I have become really close recently and well, we spent New Year’s Day together and we well we kissed as the clocks were striking 12! How romantic! He told me that he had always loved me and that he would always be there for me! no matter what, and I told him that I had always liked him too, so he grabbed me and we kissed… it was beautiful, there were cheers form happy partiers and fireworks going off in the sky lighting up our new love for a new year, finally I feel complete, and Yoochun has now faded away as just memory, now Changmin is my one and I always knew it! hehe, I love you Changmin-ah! And thank you for giving me back love!


This year and the future looks to be very promising indeed! I just can’t wait for it all!


Love Junsu



   x x x


~ Close ~

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