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Spudacus_1 Infinity And Beyond
All The Colours Of Life In The Palm Of My Hand.
~ Days and Nights of Sin ~ 60th Fic 
27th-Apr-2009 12:20 am

~ Days And Nights Of Sin ~



Pairings: none, Junsu centric.

Rating: 18 – drugs, drink

Genre: One-Shot

Summary: This is basically Junsu and his mad nights out at clubs bars, etc experiencing different things, anything bad, good, happy or sad, debaucheries even.

Disclaimer: I don't own the boys, nor do they know i am writing this, even though i wish i did own them! lol! *dirty mind - drools*



~ Evening ~


Junsu decided that it was time to go to a wild club and have any kind of ‘different’ experience, the other Dong Bang boys didn’t feel like going out, so he left them to their own devices; he eventually found a nightclub called sin, where all sorts of happenings happened there, s the site was huge apparently and had a floor and different rooms for anything you could think of. He made his way to the club and found once inside that he was standing in the middle of the MDMA fuelled, drinkers paradise that was the Sin nightclub.


He was dressed in skimpy black, white and blue leather and PVC; it clung to his body leaving not much to the imagination, some strips of the materials were hanging down and flew around him when he moved; his trousers were hugging white jeans with silver glitter on them forming an interesting pattern.


He moved steadily through the crowd, to find a good spot to start dancing; three guys had all asked him, at different times, “do you want any MD?” or “you got any pills mate?”; Junsu just smiled a little at the madness around him but politely refused the questions and moved on about the club. He eventually found his way to the bar, where the friendly barman, winked at him and smiled brightly, Junsu couldn’t help but smile back with a large and happy grin, he asked for a vodka diet coke and then, he turned with his drink in hand and decided to prop up the bar for a while drinking his drink.


When he had finished his drink, Junsu ordered a double shot of JD, then proceeded to order a cherry and then an apple sourz shots. Junsu was then aptly ‘happy’ to go and dance the night away, without having taken any MD, pills or the like.


He moved back into the crowd and found a good spot and began dancing along rhythmically to the heavy beats of techno, trance and electronic. The multi coloured and flashing patterned lights danced and spun all over his perfect body as it moved and danced expertly around the dance floor, the other people, those who were high, were hugging each other and dancing along to the driving and pumping beats like there was no tomorrow. One or two guys and girls were sitting monged out on the seats, the MD flowed through their souls, the intense pleasure they were feeling overwhelmed them and they couldn’t express it, so they just sat there, like shells.    


This worried Junsu whenever he stopped gyrating and looked around, he decided to take a break and went to the outside area, it was lovely, partly covered and looked almost like a scene form a Hollywood party. More drunk people, more people talking about drugs, weed, smoking, drinking, etc. The night was warmish and there were a lot of people around, Junsu looked up at the dark, almost black sky, smiled and decided to go back into the inferno of darkness, sweat, poles, drink and lights; he found a pole and decided, in his more drunken state that he would show everyone there that he was the best at pole dancing.


He stepped up on the raised platform and then held the pole tightly and let his hips swing and gyrate sexily about the long hard metal pole, he grinded it, swung around it and hung from it. The stunned and loved up euphoric people danced around and watched him intently, mesmerised at his swift, graceful and sexually stimulating movements. Junsu even saw a few ‘sandwiches’ and dancing orgies happening in a few darkened corners only sometimes lit by the incredible dancing lights.


The night drew on and Junsu decided it was time to go home; he walked to the bus stop and felt like he had had another experience in his life, being in a drug fuelled club! He smiled to himself and waited until his bus came, then hopped on it and made his journey back home.


Ready for another crazy night…


~ Daylight ~


3rd-May-2009 05:43 pm (UTC)
wow..a truly crazy night
3rd-May-2009 11:12 pm (UTC)
ahahah it was deffo! hehehe thanks for commenting chole! :D how are you? xxx
4th-May-2009 01:22 pm (UTC)
I'm ok but currently down with flu
4th-May-2009 06:52 pm (UTC)
glad you are okay ^^
oh nooo, please take care and rest up!!! :d hehehe i htink i may be comign down witha bit of a cold eek! heheh

- Scott
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