spudacus_1 (spudacus_1) wrote,

~ Sad Stories ~ 63rd Fic ~

Length: Drabble
Rating: U
Pairings: YooSu
Genre: Sad, reflective, life, books
Summary: Junsu sits and writes about his sad stories in his life.
Disclaimer: I don't own the boys, nor do they know I am writing this, even though i wish I did own them! lol! *dirty mind - drools*


~ Start ~


The thunder and lightning came crashing and pulsing through the grey lifeless sky above him, he turned away from the window and continued to write in his little black notebook, the next short story he was working on, this time is was a sad one, one where the protagonist had been deserted by some of his friends, it pained him to write the story, but at least it would be strong and vividly depicted he thought, as the rain drops slowly started to cover the window beside him, the wind picked up a little, only a light breeze luckily, so he needn’t close the window.


He could write this story so clearly because it had happened to him before and now he thought, that since his life was going well at the moment. Now was the right time to write about those episodes in his life. He has strong and loyal friends around him now; he has his boyfriend, and his good job as a top author. His boyfriend was a singer names Yoochun, he was called Junsu. They lived a happy life and lived it for a long time. When he finally got the set of short stories published, he felt like a great weight had been lifted off him, they told of sorrow and heartache, his loss of his feelings, his first boyfriend and his hardships whilst living in a foreign country.


The books were a hit and he made it bigger than he ever thought possible, now it was truly time to move on with his life and enjoy it. Kim Junsu sits and reminisces about his life and either way it was a good life and he has learnt a lot through his life.


~ End ~

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