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~ 7 Year Itch? ~ 64th Fic

Length: Drabble/one-shot
Rating: U
Pairings: YooSu
Genre: Sad
Summary: Yooshun and Junsu’s 7 year long relationship has hit a bad patch…
Disclaimer: I don't own the boys, nor do they know I am writing this, even though i wish I did own them! lol! *dirty mind - drools*


~ Start ~


It was a warm summer’s night, it was 10:00 and it was raining lightly, which only served to make the air sticky yet somehow clearer.


Junsu stood blocking the front door to the grand European style house that he and his boyfriend of 7 years had lived in; he had his hands stretched to hold onto the door frame. In that house it always was filled with laughter, love, sex and magic, flowers were always somewhere to be found and the sickly sweet scent of honey usually was found drifting from the direction of the kitchen where Junsu usually occupied himself cooking, cleaning and doing whatever really.


They had shared so many things over the years in that house, love, friends, fun, laughter, happy days, sad days; the walls of their house were witness to many bad arguments, many objects being thrown around the place, plates crashing to a million powdered pieces on the honey wood flooring, the house also witnessed the most tender and most joyful displays of love and affection, so much so, that the house sometimes seemed to glow with all the warmth of the golden sun rays.


They frequently held dinner parties for friends, family, and for business reasons too. They were happy, sometimes it was a tragic kind of love that Junsu and Yoochun had, whilst other times it seemed to be the most blissful type of love that you would ever find in the world, the kind that ran deeper than the most ancient oak tree’s roots would or could ever go.


The relationship had finally disintegrated, sadly; but that’s not to say that the love had died, no, that would, nor could ever die, just the relationship and the stresses and strains had become too unbearable.


Junsu looked up the wooden stairs staring at him, slowly the noise of his lover’s footsteps came down the stairs, carrying a hand luggage bag and another larger travel bag, Yoochun reached the end of the stairs and dropped everything.


They stood like that for what felt like an age, just staring into each other’s eyes, Yoochun’s told a story of a man so deeply in love that he had lost himself, to something that he would never understand, his eyes were sad and were slowly filling with the bitter tasting tears he would soon shed.


Junsu’s eyes told of a bright man who was also lost, but this time it was to a man named Park Yoochun, his eyes were red raw from crying his eyes out constantly for the past 4 hours, he was at a photo shoot earlier in the day and his eyeliner had ran down his perfect face, making him look ever the more destroyed looking, his eyes were terribly sad and tired.

Yoochun walked forward and hugged Junsu the tightest he had ever held him in his life, the pair kissed a delicate and loving light kiss goodbye; Junsu started crying again, Yoochun left a note on the side table for Junsu to read later, he picked up his ticket and his passport, his bags and then he eventually opened the door, just as the taxi he called pulled up to the door, Junsu was begging Yoochun to stay and to not leave him alone like this.

“Chunnie ah! CHUNNIE AHHH! Please nooo, don’t go, not like this please! Let’s work things out let’s talk!! Or something pleeeeeaaazzzeee, I love you!” the singer broke down into a mess on the floor, Yoochun just turned and said simply, “I’m sorry…I love you too Junsu, please be strong and don’t wait for me, live well, be happy without me.”


This only garnered more crying form the heap on the floor, nevertheless Yoochun walked out to the waiting taxi, put his things in the boot of the taxi and got in, Junsu had scrambled to the door in time to see Yoochun staring at him they waved a goodbye wave and blew each other air kisses, Junsu leaned on the door frame for support as the car sped off towards the airport, the tears began again for Junsu as the rain fell harder and harder…. On the TV the weatherman said there may be flooding…


The car was making a good time for the airport, Yoochun was alone now… now he could do anything, so he just let the tears go, he cried and cried and cried all the way to the airport. He even cried on the plane, he thought he might die form the amount of tears he was shedding, he eventually cried himself to sleep on the flight, it was be a long flight to London.


The shaking hand held the letter delicately, tears splattered the paper. It was from Yoochun, expressing how much Junsu meant to him and how much it pained him to leave him so, he told him to not wait for him and to find happiness with someone who would deserve him and that he hoped in the end they may be able to see each other in the future. Junsu wasn’t convinced and decided to wait for Yoochun either way, he believed that their love was strong enough to bring him back to him, be in a week, a month, a year, or more even, he would wait.


~ The End ~


A/N: Hiya everyone, just thought I would say that I had a lot of ideas going on here, so I dunno how it came out, I had more I wanted to say, but then those would have been alternative versions, but I think this one is okay, if you lot want the different scenarios then please tell me! Thank you!!!!

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