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Spudacus_1 Infinity And Beyond
All The Colours Of Life In The Palm Of My Hand.
More random Korean writing 
24th-Jul-2011 06:46 pm

hi everyone here is somethign else i wrote the other day in korean. i have translated it, its prolyl badly written but yea... lol

updates to how do we escape, yet live our lives? will be up soon! im working it, im trying to get it to finish and not grow lol

I will pot the updates to the communities as well, and when its all up, i will post a link table to all the other parts, jsut in case any one wants ot read form the beginning. ^^


here you go - Korean goodness lol

우리의 추억들이 나에게 중요한 것이다.
당신이 없으면 난 죽을 것 같다…
너를 나에겐 태양이 저럼!
당신이 내곁에 있서 난 행복할 수 있다.
또 한 사랑할 수 있다. 이 차가운 세상에서 너만을 따뜻한 것이다…
우주는 끝까지 너만을 원하다.

Eng version

Our memories are precious to me.
It seems like I’d die if you weren’t here…
You are like the sun to me!
As you are at my side I am happy.
I can love also.  In this cold world you are the only hot thing.,,
Till the end of the universe I only want you.
I love you.


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