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How do we escape - Chapter 13 ~ The Power Of Love ~

How do we escape, yet live our lives?

<b>Title:</b> How Do We Escape, Yet Live Our Lives?
<b>Pairings:</b> JaeHo/YooJae, YooSu, ChangTa/KeiMin, Min7en, Min/Siwon, Min/Heechul, Siwon/Heechul
<b>Rating:</b> 18 - (sexual content and language)
<b>Genre:</b> Everything, Love, Life, Romance, lust, sex, violence, drug addiction.
<b>Summary:</b> This is basically about the boys and their lives and all the ups and downs, highs and lows, their problems etc like a soap/drama hehe :D
<b>Disclaimer:</b> I don't own the boys, nor do they know i am writing this, even though i wish i did own them! lol! *dirty mind - drools*

~ Prologue ~
~ Chapter 1 ~ Reality Bites
~ Chapter 2 ~ Slippery Slopes
~ Chapter 3 ~ The Loss Of Me ~
~ Chapter 4 ~ Meetings ~
~ Chapter 5 ~ Tea Stains ~
~ Chapter 6 ~ Love In The Ice ~
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~ Chapter 10 ~ The Truth Will Out ~ Pt 1. Pt 2.
~ Chapter 11 ~ Picking Up The Pieces ~
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~ Chapter 13 ~ The Power Of Love ~
~ Chapter 14 ~ 마지막 인사 (Majimak Insa) ~
~ Chapter 15 ~ Cherry Blossoms ~
~ Chapter 16 ~ Hope For The Future ~
~ Chapter 17 ~ One Day The Insane Shall Win… ~ (Alternative Ending)

~ Chapter 13 ~ The Power Of Love ~


5 hours had passed, 5 long, evil hours, the agony was indescribable.

Finally the door opened, causing everyone to jump at the scare.

Yunho jumped up to meet the doctor; who was a sad little old man, who looked like the job he once loved had worn him down over the years. He looked Yunho deep in the eyes, smiled and said:

 “Mr Kim is still with us… barely though, as 9 out of 10 people would be stone cold dead by now; it was a miracle he managed to cling to life. Please all of you go home and rest; I don’t want an epidemic on my hands of mass exhaustion! I will call you if anything changes…. And before you ask, I’m sorry no one is allowed to see him, only myself and my team may see him at this delicate moment in time.”

Everyone burst out in a flurry of tears and hugs; all breathed a little easier after hearing the good news. Yunho smiled for the first time in what seemed like an age, he was remade anew. He nodded and thanked the doctor for all him and his teams’ hard work. The rest of the boys bowed deeply; and all went home to eat and rest.

Jaejoong’s health steadily improved, under intense round the clock care. After 4 days he was moved from the special intensive care unit to a normal private ward; another week passed and he was awake and interacting with the people around him. Yunho was there everyday and the other boys came to visit him every other day; they came with food, flowers and most importantly of all, with Jaejoong’s fill of gossip and news of people or places they knew or didn’t know.

“OMG! Jae, you know what I heard last night!?” Junsu said as he waves a pointed finger at him.

“Hmm, what is it?! I wonder…!” Jae replied with the interest of a parent who was humouring their always-over-excited child.

“Well. I heard last night from Yuna Kim, oh you know her right? The girl who’s always sitting in the back of class, she’s really good at ice skating as it goes… anyways; She said that Kim ah-joong, that plastic girl, you know her… tall skinny as… always sits by the window staring at lee minho across the room in class…. Anyway, her. That she is PREGNANT! GAH! The horror! Right!?... I mean ewww…” Junsu blabbed on as usual with his now famous monologues and many digressions.

After the collective gasp towards Junsu’s general direction, Jae said finally, “wow, yea that dirty ho, haha… I knew from 2 months ago…the father is our teacher, Mr song.”

This caused everyone to nearly faint and only silence reigned at this shocking revelation.
There was a knock at the door, then entered a young male nurse, “Okay guys, visiting hours are nearly over, you guys have 1 hour left.” the cute male nurse said with a flash of a perfect smile.

Everyone slowly filtered out the room, after giving hugs and kisses to any living thing in the room; Yunho remained for a while.

He spoke then, with all the passion he had been holding in, all the passion of a thousand love songs, “I'm never gonna leave you again JaeJoong-ah! I love you too much! I thought you were gone… I would rather they take me than you! The world should never be denied your beauty, inner and outer.”

“Hehe thank you my Yunnie… I'm so sorry I did this to you and to everyone, I love you so much and I do love the boys aswell…I will always be there for you, no matter what.”

“The doctor said that it must have been the power of love that kept you going… that enabled you to come back to me, to us all; I was praying to you. Sending my love to you every day, every second… it seems to have worked and I am eternally thankful for that”

“I could feel it, something that I could never describe…this certain power, this love, flowing into me making me stronger; it filled me with warmth. I knew it was you and the boys. Thank you.” JaeJoong replied staring into his lovers eyes.


Everything had calmed down, JaeJoong was getting better and better, the boys had all returned to some form of normality and it was time for another mad visit to the Kim’s house by Yoochun and Junsu, another meeting that Junsu had sprung on his unsuspecting lover.

This time he had told Yoochun of the next day’s visit to his parent’s house in the middle of giving Yoochun a very good blowjob, it wasn’t until after he had cum that Yoochun realised what Junsu had told him in the heat of the moment.

Noon came and they were parked outside the Kim’s house. Yoochun was smiling wildly this time around; last time he was giggling nervously at random times. Junsu had told him the other day that his parents can get very eccentric and would do all sorts of madness to test out the partner of any of their children… even their friend’s children as well, the elders love to embarrass their children’s’ boyfriends or girlfriends. This however was of little comfort to Yoochun; however it relaxed him a bit being safe in the knowledge that he wasn’t the only one.

They went up and entered the front door into the spacious hallway. Nothing…. It was silent… too silent Yoochun thought, his paranoia going into overload; he looked everywhere around him, his eyes darting form corner to corner, looking for anything, or anyone…. But, nothing still.

Junsu called out a couple of times, but no answer, “hmm they might be out or in the garden… hmm let’s go sit out there eh?” Junsu suggested as they moved through to the large back garden.

“cooweee!” came a shrill voice form somewhere behind a batch of bushes to the side. It was Junsu’s mother. She came out from behind carrying the hugest and scariest looking scissors ever. Yoochun immediately grabbed at his nether regions and gulped back the fear.

They went over and sat down at the ornate silver garden furniture, the table was set for 4 people with exquisite china, cakes, the obligatory doilies and tea of course were all sitting there quietly waiting to be devoured.

She was dressed in a baby blue linen dress which went to her ankles, her shoes were stylish thick heeled sandals and she wore a large brimmed hat, the kind one would see in LA or St. Tropez. Her makeup was light and bright with hints of oranges and yellows for eye shadow, to reflect the season of summer.

“Your father will be along shortly, he's still at the restaurant. Let’s start.” She said to the boys, later she continued conversation; “so, Yoochun, how are things? How is Junsu? You are talking good care of him yes? Because if you aren’t … you know I have spies everywhere…” she paused for effect, which was enhanced by her expression, which showed nothing but the truth and a perfectly painted face.

“Oh.. I, Ahh, yes, yes I am taking great care of our Junsu! Mrs Kim. Please do not worry.” Yoochun managed to get out without too much mumbling and proceeded to smile a deathly charming smile at the older woman.

This was met with a large happy smile.

“Good, come then let’s start, I’m rather peckish as it goes.” Mrs Kim stated as she gazed down at the cream cakes, biscuits, English tea, strawberry jam, fresh cream and scones with delight.

She tucked in after saying a quick grace under her breath. The first to get it were the scones, jam and cream. After brandishing a knife and swishing it about (it seemed to Yoochun, who observed with an open mouth) a bit, she was ready to tuck into her first scone of summer. The birds sang on high as she took a bite of the sweet goodness.

“Mrs Kim, I was wondering, how come you have so many things in your house and food etc from the UK?” Yoochun ventured as he was tucking into a slice of Battenberg cake.

“Oh, didn’t Junsu tell you? I lived in the UK for about 10 years, yes I went there to study fashion design, whilst there I met Junsu’s father, he was just there for a year at our university, international student, you understand, (she winked). He came back when he graduated and worked in London, and well we got together and stayed together haha. Then we came back here and well the rest is history, however we both do dearly miss the UK, so I always eat the food and watch the programmes and everything, well you know; also when I get time to go on holiday, I always go back to London!” she said with a nostalgic tone to her voice, she clearly enjoyed her time living in London and it would always have a special place in her heart.

Junsu stayed quiet and just ate the food, drank tea and smiled at the fact that the love of his life was getting on fine with the most important people in his life, his parents. At that moment, Junsu’s father rocked up and immediately took a sip of tea before greeting the boys, both of them received warm hugs and pats on the back.

“So, how are things, boys?” he began, after kissing his beautiful wife and sitting down. The garden table was ornate, large and white, with parasol and matching chairs, it was comfortable and expensive looking. The table was covered in pretty summery looking china, with lots of interesting and brightly coloured sweet and savoury snacks.

The conversation flowed and flowed, Yoochun became relaxed, finally. He breathed a sigh of relief that everything seemed to be finally going the way it should go.

The boys stayed the night in Junsu’s room; upon the insistence of both parents.

He loved Junsu like he had never loved anyone before and never would again, he was sure of that. He knew that Junsu felt the same way too; sometimes he would catch Junsu staring at him, with those puppy eyes. He knew what he was thinking, because sometimes while Junsu slept, Yoochun would watch him and kiss his face and lips, whisper his undying love for him and his thankfulness at receiving such a perfect gift.


The car pulled into the driveway quietly and stealthily. It was a sleek black Porsche, brand new and in mint condition; it was the only other thing that came close to the love he had for anything next to Changmin, in se7en’s eyes.

Changmin was still scared stiff, but was calmed at how well things had been going with Junsu and Yoochun. He would have to just dazzle Dongwook’s family with his sparkling personality and awesome fashion sense… which Dongwook tweaked for him.

Dongwook looked over at Changmin ad smiled, he knew his boyfriend was scared and his heart was probably beating a million per second. So he leant over and kissed Changmin softly on the lips and put his hand over Changmin's chest; he could feel the boy’s heart beating fast, and then calming down as they kissed and slowly it returned to normal.

With a smile and another little peck on the lips, Dongwook got out the car and grabbed the basket of fruit, which Changmin had bought. “Come on honey, it will be fine, however… I do warn you, that my family are well, they are kind of a mix of stiff quietness that needs to be smashed through and crazy people who wear all sorts of stuff and drink a lot and dance too much.” With that he smiled his beautifully charming smile and turned away after shoving the basket in his boyfriend’s hands. Changmin was gobsmacked, though, at least he would know… more or less, what to expect now. He followed cautiously behind Dongwook to his front door where he rang the bell, exactly 3 times.

They waited.

And waited..

5 minutes had gone by and still nothing…

Then suddenly a figure appeared at the door, ‘my god it’s someone!? Its opening! Fuck! Where do I hide!?’ Changmin thought to himself, as the large dark brown door opened.

The door was opened by a stunning young woman; she looked vaguely familiar to Changmin’s eyes. She looked kind, yet one of those people who, when crossed, would never dared be crossed again…not by the same person at any rate. She reminded Changmin of a snake, beautiful and graceful, yet deadly and sharp.

She smiled at them both, took the basket and bowed deeply at Changmin, who returned the respectful act. She gave a kiss on the cheek to Dongwook and led them both through to the living room, where the main events were seemingly taking place.

Dongwook leaned over and said, “She’s my sister, older, by a year, she’s always very…Ahh calm?” they both stood there; Dongwook looking a little sheepish at the scene and Changmin was, just well, flabbergasted.

There was an old couple sitting in one corner playing go-stop and betting money, they reminded Changmin of these Chinese statues he once saw in a market one day in Incheon’s Chinatown. Running around the place and being generally loud, were 4 kids, 2 boys and 2 girls, they seemed like little monkeys to Changmin.

There were 4 older kids in another corner on the computer all huddled around it, playing a game or talking about music, Changmin couldn’t quite work out which; they looked like Meerkats he thought, just watching that screen.

Finally in the centre of the room were 5 older people but not too old, they consisted of, Dongwook's, parents, his uncle, aunty and sister. They were all more or less serious looking, deep in conversation about something, it seemed, and they all looked like a parliament of owls to Changmin.

They were warmly welcomed and Changmin was thrust into deep conversation within minutes of sitting down. He thought back to the times when things were simpler, where he only had to worry about school, study, his pink fluffy pen collection and his fetish gear.

Everyone was friendly yet they all seemed a bit… well odd, except for Dongwook. They had a lovely dinner in the dining room; the table was covered in food, food of all different types. Each dish catered to everyone’s individual needs or wants. The food was all set out on white china platters. The dining room itself was a sight to behold. It was all black and white, with lots of clear bright lighting, which could be dimmed. The table was made of thick glass and black metal. The chairs were black metal with soft comforting white cushions.

Dongwook's mother was an interior designer, it showed and everywhere. It was pure class and style. After dinner they all relaxed in the front room. Where proper conversations happed it seemed to Changmin.

First it was the grandparents’ time. They each sat close either side of Changmin.
“awww! What a handsome boy! Jeff don’t you think he's just the most handsome boy u ever sawed? Right right!” the grandmother said in a shrill voice at her husband.

“ye, ye he is, you know boy, in my youth, I was the talk of the town! All the girls wanted me, and I wanted them too! Ahem I mean in my mind of course…anyway, a boy like you would have been snapped up(the grandfather said this all while using hand gestures and hand signals, none of which Changmin was sure meant anything in particular) anyway what I’m saying is..” at that point he was cut off sharply by his wife “ere! Stop crowing the boy with your lies! Don’t listen to him dear, he was a bit chubby and a bit spotty in the teen years, we grew up together. Though you look a lot fitter than the boys in our day! I must say haha I hope Dongwook is giving you a good workout eh?!” she smiled a toothy grin with a wink and a nudge and a little grope of Changmin's stomach, which was soon snatched away by Dongwook himself.

“Granny, come on now, no sex talk on the first meeting, you promised, come on min, let’s talk to my cousins.” With that Dongwook grabbed Changmin and dragged him off to the corner where the teens were huddled again around the computer. “But I was having fun with the nice boy! We both were, weren’t we Jeff!?” she called after them.

“Ahh Dongwook…why did your granny promise you she wouldn’t talk about sex?”
“ahhhhh ahhhahaha well… that’s a that’s a very long and funny story which I must tell you sometime… but ah… not now okay, come”

“Oi you lot, meet my boyfriend, Changmin.” Dongwook semi commanded the teens.
They all in one move turned around, bowed and said hello, nice to meet you, you seem nice. And turned back to the computer. ‘well…that was simple’ Changmin thought.

Dongwook started to count lightly under his breath…1..2…3…..4…..5.
They all turned around again, to Changmin’s amazement.

One uber stylish girl said “hmmm I like your style, the clothes are well matched and your shoes are very clean…good sign” she smiled a sweet smile and gave a peace sign to Dongwook, who grinned back.

One boy, with amazing hair, commented “hmm yes, I like your hair, its smart, clean and crisp, but I think you should have some highlights to bring out the natural colour of your hair and it will also need to go well with your eyes, to make them pop a bit more though….otherwise nice, nice earrings too.” This was followed by a quick smile to Dongwook.

Another girl who had make-up which was expertly applied said, “Ahh…yes I see you apply a bit of tint, moisturiser and a smidgen of BB cream…. Oh and a lil bit of eyeliner… hmm I like it, clean, clear, fresh, yet strong with the touch of eyeliner…well applied.” She winked at both of them.

Another boy, who was sitting at the computer, looked up and simply said, “you pass. Welcome. Oh ah I think you should get some more edgy accessories” this was followed by a collective nod then they all smiled and turned back to the computer. Changmin saw they were designing something… looked like clothes, make-up, hair and acc were all being put together on a rough sketch.

Changmin could only breathe a sigh of relief, he passed the test of the stepford fashionistas.
Dongwook moved Changmin through to the kitchen, “sorry about them, they all study fashion, and they each have a different area of expertise, they like you… a lot.” “Really? How the hell could you tell!?” Changmin expressed as Dongwook laughed a little, that light but firm laugh that Changmin loved to hear, he could listen to Dongwook laugh all day. It always made him so happy.

In the kitchen, were Dongwook’s parents, aunty and uncle. They all greeted them with a warm smile and bracing hugs, Dongwook’s sister also appeared and seemed to have softened a bit. They spent the rest of the evening chatting about all sorts of things and being friendly and pleasant. Changmin felt warm and comforted here; even more so, since Dongwook was beside him holding his hand, the whole time.


A.N: i tried ot post this in liek august, but LJ was being a bitch, and well it wasn't lettign me d it, now i have sme quiet time... so to spak lol i am attempting to upload it all :) thanks for nayone who reads this madness! lovage! xxx
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