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How do we escape, yet live our lives - Chapter 16 ~ Hope for the Future ~

How do we escape, yet live our lives?

<b>Title:</b> How Do We Escape, Yet Live Our Lives?
<b>Pairings:</b> JaeHo/YooJae, YooSu, ChangTa/KeiMin, Min7en, Min/Siwon, Min/Heechul, Siwon/Heechul
<b>Rating:</b> 18 - (sexual content and language)
<b>Genre:</b> Everything, Love, Life, Romance, lust, sex, violence, drug addiction.
<b>Summary:</b> This is basically about the boys and their lives and all the ups and downs, highs and lows, their problems etc like a soap/drama hehe :D
<b>Disclaimer:</b> I don't own the boys, nor do they know i am writing this, even though i wish i did own them! lol! *dirty mind - drools*

 ~ Prologue ~
~ Chapter 1 ~ Reality Bites
~ Chapter 2 ~ Slippery Slopes
~ Chapter 3 ~ The Loss Of Me ~
~ Chapter 4 ~ Meetings ~
~ Chapter 5 ~ Tea Stains ~
~ Chapter 6 ~ Love In The Ice ~
~ Chapter 7 ~ Torn ~ Part 1 ~
~ Chapter 7 ~ Torn ~ Part 2 ~
~ Chapter 8 ~ Rough Diamond ~
~ Chapter 9 ~ Wild Child ~
~ In Between Time ~ Pt 1. Pt 2. Pt 3.
~ Chapter 10 ~ The Truth Will Out ~ Pt 1. Pt 2.
~ Chapter 11 ~ Picking Up The Pieces ~
~ Chapter 12 ~ Fallen Angel ~
~ Chapter 13 ~ The Power Of Love ~
~ Chapter 14 ~ 마지막 인사 (Majimak Insa) ~
~ Chapter 15 ~ Cherry Blossoms ~
~ Chapter 16 ~ Hope For The Future ~
~ Chapter 17 ~ One Day The Insane Shall Win… ~ (Alternative Ending)

~ Chapter 16 ~ Hope for the Future ~


The sleek blue and black Porsche pulls up to the entrance of the medical facility opened by Jung Yunho in the memory of his mother, the rehabilitation wing is where the person clad in stylish and expensive clothes headed for, he stopped outside the room, the name tag read:

- Lee Jun-Ki -

He knocked and entered upon hearing the answer to the knock, Jun-Ki turned away from the window he was looking out of, the sun glistened off his pale and perfect skin, Jaejoong noted he looked better than he did when he first met him all that time ago… so much had happened, so much had changed. It had been a year and a half since they had saved the rent boys and placed Jun-Ki in professional help.

The two men smiled and hugged one another and Jaejoong took up a chair next to the bed, Jun-Ki began:

“Jaejoong I’m sorry, I know all of what I did was wrong, and all of what I said was cruel to you and to everyone else, I… I just hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me… I’m so sorry… sorry for all the problems I have caused…

I did love you so much and I knew I had doomed you to a life as a dirty rent boy and that was beyond wrong, then… then I found that I couldn’t get over you, heh… the drink helped, so did the drugs, then it just all went wrong and out of control… again, all I can say to you, is that I am truly sorry, I only did it because my feelings overwhelmed me and I gave into such bad things… all sorts of substances and people…I'm sorry.

Thank you for coming to see me… I’m going to use my money, and change the building and make it nicer and use the boys for something they would each be better suited for, they all deserve so much better.”

Jun-Ki then delicately hands Jae a note, written in an exquisite hand, the name reads,

Yunho Jung

Jaejoong had gone into the front room for a while and left Yunho with the note from Jun-Ki.

Cautiously Yunho opened the envelope and pulled out the snow white letter.

It read:

Dear Yunho,

I know you probably do not ever want to hear from me again and you don’t have to, but I just want to say to you, that I am truly sorry for anything and everything I had done to you, Jaejoong and your family and friends, I hope one day that you may all be able to forgive me in some way, maybe even do business together… but until that day I shall continue to try my best!

Thank you for letting me get back on my feet and the like, I will not mess up this last chance I have been so kindly granted.

The best man won, even though there was never any contest, you are a good man and you both deserve each other, please, please tell him you love him everyday and that you would be a pale shadow of yourself if he wasn’t in your life.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I wish you both the best in life.

Live well.

Jun-Ki Lee

That was the end of the letter; Yunho folded it away into the envelope quietly and put it away in a little box in the corner of their wardrobe.

He joined Jaejoong on the settee and watched TV in each others arms.

“JaeJoongie, I love you and would be nothing without you.”

“Thank you Yunnie, I love you too and I was nothing until you came along”

~ ~

Tags: 18+, fanfics, how do we escape, jaeho/yoonjae, min7en, yoosu
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