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~ How do we escape, yet live our lives? ~ Chapter 2 ~


How do we escape, yet live our lives?



Author: Spudacus
Chaptered Fic ~ Chapter 2/?? ~

Rating: NC17/18(sexual content & language)
Pairings: JaeHo/YoonJae, YooSu, ChangTa/KeiMin, Min/Siwon, Min/Heechul and Siwon/Heechul, Others Possibly.
Everything, Love, life, romance, lust, sex, violence, light drug addiction, like a drama I suppose.
omg I don’t know what to say really! :D , this is basically about the boys and their lives etc and their problems and all that, a bit like a drama/soap! :D

Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, nor do they know I am writing this and I wish I did own them haahah lol *dirty/naughty mind takes over lol*


A/N: This is my first chaptered fic! YAY! I hope you all like this one, I’m quite excited about it! :D please tell me what you think! :D thank you! :D ENJOY!


~ Prologue ~

~ Chapter 1 ~










He sat there for an hour or more, he couldn’t tell, but then again he felt like he had strayed out of all thought and time, he felt so alone, unloved and unwanted, he had never felt this way before in his life, he needed money, he needed to get to Seoul, somehow, and soon, otherwise that apartment would be gone.


Jaejoong looked searchingly up and down the endless desolate road he wondered if he was still on the same road to Seoul but that soon passed as a posh car soon came along the road, and so he saw this as his one chance to escape this horrible and chokingly arid road.


He quickly jumped up from his stony seat and let his gathered tears fall, onto a weak but blossoming plant to feed it and he couldn’t help but to feel admiration for that lone plant, growing there by itself, and he resolved to be like that plant and not depend on anyone else for anything, even though he was craving for so much love and attention it was silently killing him from the inside out.


He started flailing about with his hands to draw attention to himself, the metallic red sports car pulled up beside him and the window came down, to reveal a hot young-ish man inside, who looked like he was already perving over Jaejoong’s perfect and beautiful features, he leaned down and into the window a little and explained some of his predicament, albeit sparingly, to the stranger in the metallic red sports car, and the man smiled a very sweet, almost cheesy smile at Jaejoong, “okay then kid hop in then and since you are alone, and heading for the city, it’s no trouble, ‘cause I’m going there anyway”.


The kind driver exited his blood red car and helped load Jaejoong’s bags and things into the boot of his car, they got in and off they went down the long and empty road, not a person was in sight.




Changmin put on some of his English dance songs, he was dressed up in some new clubbing gear, from that new leather fetish shop, in town, one the songs he played was called *Shine, by Booty Luv*, and another two were called, *In The Middle and Push The Button, by the Sugababes*, he felt the bass building up and when the beat hit his body, he started to move then, along with the beat of the music, he was swinging his hips and his arms all over the place, sexily seducing his ‘guardian bear’ on the desk in is room.


He was in front of the mirror, singing and dancing along, in this very tight and revealing leather/PVC – combi  short –shorts, his bulge was as clear as day, and he looked like, altogether like he was ‘hard-gay’s’ younger brother or something, his vest was super tight yet very revealing of his newly toned chest, he couldn’t help but to feel a little giddy and light headed after the dancing, singing, severe grinding with the air and his sexy dancing abilities.  


He was just counting down the days until he finished school for the holidays and then he could finally go clubbing and hopefully ‘get me some’ he thought and wryly smiled to himself, he loved that song, by like Asia’s biggest male group, he had everything to do with them, he was a complete and utter ‘fanboy’ for them!


Suddenly his mobile phone started to ring to the familiar tune of the group’s hit song ‘Rising Sun’, it was min’s favourite song and he sometimes had that song on repeat.

He looked at it and picked it up *doingdudoing* the phone went as he opened the phone, “Yoboseyo, Heechul-ah, what’s up?”


Heechul’s light, high and sexily girly tones came over the phone….’arrggh not another date Heechul’ Changmin thought to himself.


“Oh, Changmin-ah, annyong! I'm good thank you, how are you?............ah good good…………..ummm…. so can we meet tomorrow for lunch maybe…I will pay for you okay! :D”

Changmin could hear and feel, no, he could SEE Heechul’s ‘evil-Cinderella’ like smile from over the phone, he could also see that he was, (as usually, on an emotional edge, as he was so in love with Changmin, but min doesn’t love him back, and so he cries and laughs at the drop of a hat and does anything for his ‘Changmin –ah’.


 “ahhhh……..oh okay then, how about 1:00?...........yeah, good, okay see you then, bye”, ‘phew, I can talk to him about it all tomorrow…again’ Changmin thought as he put his mobile down on his bedside table, started playing his music and continued on his dancing/workout.




Yunho was a very sexy and stylish young man, everyone wanted him and nobody could have him, he was an ‘untouchable’ as far as most people were concerned, he loved shopping and eating, so he went with his close friend, Siwon, Siwon had told him he was bi-sexual but more for the boys than the girls, and that Yunho had no need to worry, cause he did like him but he doesn’t anymore, so he can just be normal around him now.


It was a shock for Yunho, but he loved his friends and would always stand beside them no matter what, they both went out shopping in town together and Siwon was pointing out a few hot and cute guys to Yunho and he had found himself staring at some of them for longer then he thought he should have been.


As there were walking along the pavement, carrying a few clothes and accessories bags, Yunho locked eyes with a few cute and sexy guys and they just stared at each other for a few seconds, but to Yunho it felt like an age of staring into so many beautiful and big black deep pools, he felt embarrassed and flushed, he could feel his cheeks going red and he had butterflies in his stomach, ‘OMG, what is this, what am I feeling, why am I feeling this?’, he thought to himself, he felt all confused and didn’t understand what was happening to him, he just wanted to go back to having only a couple of problems and then this gets sprung on him, great!.....not.


Yunho made his excuses and said goodbye to Siwon and left quickly, off towards his house, when he got back he just wanted to be alone to think, and went upstairs, just calling to him mum and dad that he’s back, and their voices tried to follow him up the stairs with a greeting of some sort.


He was now wearing his tight, shiny black underwear hipsters, and a baggy t-shirt, perched on the edge of his soft and bouncy bed, with his hands by his sides holding onto the bed, he had just returned home and had gone straight up to his bedroom, got changed then he sat.


He sat there with his music playing in the background, he was trying to make sense of it all, he had never been interested in girls, but he hadn’t really been interested in boys either, what was happening to him, Yunho set there as he struggled to understand his thoughts and feelings, a lone and silent tear formed at those perfectly shaped sexy eyes, and fell onto his exposed thighs, he just wiped it away and let another two fall, silently and easily.


‘What am I going to do, I don’t know what is happening to me’, he glumly thought to himself, over and over.




Yoochun approached his doctor’s surgery, and entered the stark white building and was met with another stark plain white reception, he shuddered at the sight, Yoochun didn’t like doctors and hospitals at the best of times.


“Hello, my name is Park Yoochun, I have an appointment”, “ah yes could you please go straight in, thank you”, he nodded to the pretty female receptionist, and went into the room on the side, he greeted the doctor and sat down where the doctor had indicated to.


“Right, Park Yoochun, what seems to be the problem, my boy?”, even though he didn’t like the doctors, he actually liked his doctor, he was a friendly and kindly older man, to Yoochun he was like the father he never had, but always wished he did.


So he begun, “…..and well now…now I just feel like I just need to feel again a little more maybe, I need to smile more, I want to be happy again, I need to feel like I used to, please will you help me, is there anything that you could give me, and I feel tired these days as well, even if I haven’t done that much”.


The kindly doctor looked him up and down, checked him over, decided that there was nothing physically wrong with him, but the boy did need some help though, “okay then, I am prescribing you some pep - pills, okay, these should help restore some of the balance, and make you happier and more alert, use only when you feel you need to okay Yoochun-ah!”

Relieved, Yoochun nodded eagerly at the doctor and accepted the little light green paper from the doctor and thanked him, then he scuttled off out of the surgery, he pointed himself in the direction of the chemists and off he went.      


He handed over the paper to the pharmacist and swiftly received his little tub of pills, the label read:




ONE to be taken when NEEDED


Samsung Pharmaceuticals. LTD


He looked at it, and put it into his little bag, and then went off to the office, he had a meeting with someone who needed to be sponsored or needed information or something, he would be briefed when he got there, then he could take one, because he need to take it with some water.




Junsu was so excited at hearing that he had an appointment tomorrow to see the head officer of the musical arts, that he started getting ready, dressed and sorting out his hair a whole 2 hours before he needed to.


He couldn’t sleep that night, after hearing the news, he then ran off to the calendar and wrote down hastily, the time and whereabouts of his appointment, he then went off onto the computer to find all of the things he would need to make a very successful pitch to the man in charge, Park Yoochun.


He had found out was his name on the internet and he felt compelled to search for a picture of him and when he did, he was stunned to find such a hot and sexy young man, who was a little older than he.


Junsu couldn’t help but to like this Park Yoochun instantly, but felt a little weird about it though, as he was sure he wasn’t gay, but his feelings for this man grew more and more as he stared unblinkingly at this very fine young man, his mouth was hanging open and Junsu’s mind knew what it wanted, so did his cock, which was now quite hard and throbbing strongly, his mind and eyes were undressing Yoochun in his imagination.


He blinked and realised that he actually had feelings for Yoochun and what was he going to do now, his religion had told him it was all wrong, he didn’t want to turn away from his religion, but he was brought up to never deny himself or his own thoughts and feelings either, he now faced a massive decision.


He couldn’t handle it and didn’t want to thing about it, so he went and took some of it out on a large bottle of Soju that was lying around in the kitchen, he had always liked to drink, but today he needed to escape and that was what he found was the immediate solution to it, when he was falling all over the place, he got angry and upset at what he was feeling, he went and took his anguish out on his punch bag, which hung in the garage, afterwards he stumbled, cursing, to his awaiting bed.


He slept heavily, for in his dreams he was free and without any constraints, he was able to love whoever he wanted to, this kept a drunken, sweet and silly smile on his cherub like face while he slept.  







A/N: *these songs are real, as are the girl groups, I like them and I would like to recommend them (mainly the Sugababes) to you all! :D okay ehehehe

And thank you all for reading this fic! :D



Tags: changta, chaptered fic, drama, everything, jaeho, keimin, min/heechul, min/siwon, siwon/heecul, soap, yoonjae, yoosu
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