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~ How do we escape, yet live our lives? ~ Chapter 5 ~ Tea Stains ~

How do we escape, yet live our lives?



Author: Spudacus
Chaptered Fic ~ Chapter 5 Of??? ~

Rating: NC17/18(sexual content & language)
Pairings: JaeHo/YoonJae, YooSu, ChangTa/KeiMin, MIN7EN, Min/Siwon, Min/Heechul and Siwon/Heechul also Others Possibly.
Everything, Love, life, romance, lust, sex, violence, light drug addiction, like a drama I suppose.
omg I don’t know what to say really! :D , this is basically about the boys and their lives etc and their problems and all that, a bit like a drama/soap! :D

Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, nor do they know I am writing this and I wish I did own them Hahaha lol *dirty/naughty mind takes over lol*


I hope you all like this, I’m quite excited about it! :D please tell me what you think! :D thank you! :D ENJOY!


~ Prologue ~

~ Chapter 1 ~

~ Chapter 2 ~

~ Chapter 3 ~ THE LOSS OF ME ~

~ Chapter 4 ~ Meetings ~





~ CHAPTER 5 ~ Tea Stains ~




The car slowed to a halt outside a lavish apartment somewhere in central Seoul.

The rain had stopped falling and the night sky was cloudless and the constellation of Cassiopeia was clearly visible to all in the sprawling metropolis.

Jaejoong was aided by Jun-Ki to his door, it was one of those really expensive white-gadget-homes he had always pictured the residents in the more affluent areas of Seoul to own, it was like the whole place had been lifted from some home magazine, “waaaa…… this is your house? It’s …… well its just perfect! Geez, what do you do really?” “Oh I oversee a lot of things and make sure people do this and that really and I get some of that money, I’m also in the housing market but only a little though” came the reply from the tall slim man.

He ushered Jaejoong into his house and showed him to one of the spare-bedrooms, “you can stay here tonight and I will explain what you can do in the morning and how I can help you, okay, Jaejoong, are you listening? Do you understand?”…………….. Jaejoong was busy looking out over the city, they were on a hill which conveniently overlooked much of the city, “uh huh, oh...Okay, umm thank you Mr Lee, my saviour!” “Heh! Lovely view isn’t it, Hehehe I love it and

Come down for dinner okay, oh you won’t need to unpack anything for more than one nights stay, if you accept my offer, the bathroom is down the hall by the way” Jaejoong just nodded and smiled in reply.

Dinner was set out beautifully and Jaejoong had changed into something very comfortable, in all the different ways one could imagine, and off the shoulder tops were Jaejoong’s speciality.

The food was intricately laid out on a large white marble table, everything on the downstairs of the house was open-planned and the front room was sunk down a little and the back garden had a little pagoda like covered area to sit and look out over the water in the distance and down into the valley.


They ate while speaking of things they liked, things they disliked, things they did and did not do and more besides, they got on very well with each other which each had noted about the other.

The food was very tasty to Jaejoong’s mouth and e was so grateful to Jun-Ki for letting him stay the night and being so hospitable towards him.


When he went to bed, all he could do was to lie there and think about all that had happened before and for some reason he no longer felt the need to cry over all of the past events, a certain calm had descended upon him and cooled his burning heart.


Then the king of dreams visited his side and Jaejoong was soon embroiled in a deeply woven tale, in his dreams.




They all sat down at one of the food stall/restaurants and ate while chatting about all-sorts, Siwon liked Changmin, he was sweet and cute, he liked that in potential boyfriends, they kept on giggling and smiling at each other, blatantly flirting in front of everyone, they were even holding hands at one point.


The food and tea was good as evident by the tea stains and tit-bits of food left lying around and Heechul could only sit and ponder his plans, obviously his ‘fake boyfriend’ in the form of his friend Siwon had massively backfired, ‘that cow Siwon! How could he steal my man away from me? Bitch, stole my man! Garr! I will sort that wanker out later!’ Heechul thought silently to himself while thinking, eating and listening intently at once.


He told them to go and try some other food stalls’ food and he would go off for a little walk.  


Being the evil little Cinderella that he was, Heechul’s next plan of action was to fake an accident, he knew it would be the most extreme way to get Changmin, so he ran by the side of the road and screamed ‘blue murder’* then he placed himself to look as though he had been hit by a car.


Changmin and Siwon heard the screams of Heechul, they dropped their food and began to make their way hastily toward him to find him lying there slumped over the edge of the pavement all limp, he was a good actor and he knew it.


“YAH! Heechul-ah! Wake up! Are you hurt!? Where does it hurt!?” Changmin practically screamed at him and patted his face until the pretty boy stirred, “uuhhnnnhh…. Ohh oh cha…Changmin-ah….is that you? Oh I thought I would never see or hear your beauty ever again, oh I need you to hold me Changmin-ah!”, “hey its okay now, I am here for you, I will take care of you!” Changmin was genuinely worried for his friend, even though he would usually see through his lies and deceit just to get him, but Changmin always took accidents, no matter how big or small, very, very seriously.


His younger brother had been killed by a hit and run driver when Changmin was young but the incident had left a deep impression on him and he now is very serious when it comes to things like accidents and such.   


Heechul knew this fact as he had been Changmin’s friend since before that time and so he knew his weaknesses, but if it got him a hold and even some kisses from Changmin, then it would have been worth using it against him, half of him though felt disgusted by himself, but being the twisted princess that he was, he just smiled and pushed it away from his mind.


Siwon helped Changmin get Heechul home and he then bid his farewells to the pair.




Yunho had just got in and he had walked all the very long and achy way back, all the time he was thinking about, well everything and he had finally settled on telling Siwon that he is gay.


He went immediately up to his room and de-bagged his new items. He put them away and went downstairs for some food, his parents were both sitting in the kitchen up at the counter with a cup of tea each with a tea stained letter sitting open on the side.


Yunho froze as he entered the room, the atmosphere was heavy and broody, his parents told him to sit by them. His father began first, “look son, this is a letter from your college stating your recent results in your mid-term tests…… and, well your mother and I are concerned about your progress, you have dropped, by a whole grade! What’s going on, boy!?”


“Ahh….umm…I don’t know, it’s from an A grade to a B grade, it’s not that bad…is it? I mean I can and will do better, I’m not at university yet, so I have time, right?”

“yes, well just make sure you do, okay, good lad!”


Yunho just nodded his reply and got a snack from the fridge and went back up to his room, he laid down on his bed and thought of why his results were falling, of course it was just another problem on top of everything else he had to worry about.


He couldn’t stop the tears as they formed and left his beautifully sexy eyes, many people had commented on his appearance, how good looking, stylish and sexy he was.


Now that perfect face knew only of anguish and tear stains.




Junsu sat down and waited patiently for Mr Park to respond to his presentation. They both took a sip from their teas and smiled at each other.


‘OMG he is just sooo hot! My gosh those lips are just so full and sweet looking, I would love to kiss them’, Junsu’s thoughts betrayed him as he was blatantly staring at Yoochun’s full and plump lips, while licking his own.


Yoochun saw this show and smiled shyly, to which Junsu noticed and shook himself from his drool-fest and continued to smile like a little boy at Yoochun.


Yoochun noted how incredibly cute this young man was and he loved that trait, he really liked Junsu’s spiky hair and his pretty eyes and his is big kissable lips too, he liked every part of this Mr Kim, who was only inches away from him, his lips and his hands.


“Err, after considering everything Mr Kim, I have decided to give you all the help that we and I can give you, umm and would you like to come to dinner with me tonight?”……..….”Ahh that way we can get to know each other a little better”  Yoochun quickly corrected himself, as he thought it may sound a little strong, but was pleased that he had got that bit out at any rate.


“Ahh….. Oh thank you so much Mr Park! This means so much to me! Thank you! And yes I would love to go to dinner with you tonight! Thank you!” Junsu was even more excited than before and he had never been invited out for dinner before, he flashed his bright and bubbly smile constantly, for various reasons.


“Ahh good then, I will phone you later to arrange things, okay, just dress really smart okay oh and please call me Yoochun, okay Junsu, see you later, pleasure doing business with you!”

At that the boys shook hands and Junsu left with his things.


Yoochun sat down and thought about what he was going to wear, where he was going to take Junsu for dinner and what time, while looking intently at Junsu’s tea stained empty cup, he smiled.




~ THE END ~ Tea Stains ~



A/N: I'm sorry if this chapter hasn’t been very well written! And its late as well! Eeek! Sorry everyone! :D

Oh and Jun-Ki’s house I pictured to be a mix between Full House (the drama with Rain) and that guy’s house in Coffee Prince, the one with the dog! :D hehe lol


Did you all notice the theme? Hehe I like to have themes and that they go with the titles! :D heehhe


*Blue Murder – this is an English(British) term which basically means that you are just being loud and screaming and stuff, so e.g. ‘he was screaming blue murder’ I hope that helped! :D


*Wank/er – this is another British term, this is another way(out of many) of say masturbation/some one who masturbates, used to insult someone.


Next one will be better okay! And hopefully a sex scene as well! :D



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