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19 February 1988
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Hi there everyone!
Im Scott, from London-UK, I im a guy just in case you didn't know! and im 19 heheh, I love anything Japanese and Korean, mainly TVXQ/DBSK! I LOOVE THEM! hehehe and i really like JaeHo!hahaha
I was learning/leart Japanese for 2 years, and i am currently teaching myself Korean, i love to hang around the WestEnd(Theatreland)(of London)! and going in and out of all of the Japanese & Korean shops around Picadilly!:D and i like to go around Chinatown and wander in and out of the shops there!hehehe and wander around parts of Soho(mainly brewer st), I love reading and I i don't have many philosophies in life, but "i do believe that everyone are equal"" everyone should be allowed to life and be how, who and what they are without ANY hindrance!" and that "people should just live together and try to see everyones point of view and be open to any and all idea, and thoughs etc.!" thank you! :D
P.S. hmm oh what else....oh yeah! im really mad/crazy, i love to have a good time! and laugh! i am told that im quite random and funny, so i don'tknow! heheeh anyway drop by and say hi okay! :D seeya!

and for my cool layout! :D i would like to credit - damnicons and brokendogma